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A Blanket of Smoke

by B.J. Garcia

     Vervicia, the goddess of life, created a sphere of laughter and delight.  She gave birth to all animation.  Vervicia was responsible for rapture and gave everyone  the ability to smile.  When a person laughed he was to say, "Vervicia" as a symbol of your gratitude towards the woman who shaped your spirit. If you didnít say this Vervicia felt that no penalty was necessary.  She believed that the countless smiles that people displayed each day were enough recognition for her
        Vervicia looked down upon all the unhappy and desperate people in the world.  Being the goddess of laughter she fought with Poutines.  Poutines was the god of sadness and depression.  He urged that all people were to be dishearten and weighed down by burdens.  Vervicia always seemed to win but a few individuals took the gloomy path of following Poutinesí downhearted lifestyle.  His challenge was to wipe all the smiles off of Verviciaís noble people.  He harmed people by damaging their body.  He thought that if their bodies were internally bruised with disease than their offspring would be infected as well.  His theory was that the cycle of harm would continue until he end of time.  He chose to first infect a woman because they were responsible for baring children.

        Hannah, an old woman, was Poutines chosen one. At age five Hannah was diagnosed with Raven, being the disease of black.  She didnít know that Poutines had inflicted such evil upon her but she knew inside she was rotting and always thought it was her heart failing from the tragic loss of her only true love but . . . she was mistaken. Instead, the pain she was feeling was darkness covering the inside of her entire body. She believed that she was unusual because of her condition.  And she decided that it would be best if she never gave birth to any children.  Hannahís decision was carved in stone on top of Mount Yippernies.  Mount Yippernies was sacred and individuals climbed to top to let secrets out in the open.  For the wind had ears and was willing to listen.  Hannah carved "A child will never be brought in the world by me.  Never would I want them to lead a life of misery."  Hannah knew that her life was not normal and her sadness grew.
        Poutines cycle of harm never planned out however another disaster came about. Shallow and cold hearted Hannah hobbled down the street smoking one cigarette after the other. Her coal lungs ornamented her stomach with obscure shadows.  She gasped for breath every now and then. Coughing, her impure breath lingered motionless in the air.  Fabricating into a dusky ball of smoke.  Eventually the sky became filled with billowing clouds to where seeing was a challenge.  Hannah extended her arms, only wanting to stretch, but was unable to see her hands.  The soiled cotton was thick making Hannahís hands disappear. She had no idea what she was doing to the universe and to those around her.
        While forming overblown, lofty ashes that gathered into one colossal pellet Hannah sighed.  A blanket of embers warmed the earth and all its creatures.  Oceans began to evaporate leaving large craters in the earthís loam.  Animals coats became parched causing piles of fleece to stack up.  Youth being endowed with disfigured bodies and with hesitant thoughts.  Fairly close to Hannah her two brothers had been born joined as one individual.  As if not knowing where to go or what to do.  Those who were disabled and handicapped were always protected by Hannah's two brothers who were the gods of the different and unique.
         To some mammals born with a hindrance were inferior and unable to speak their mind.  For their comfort Pathos and Orthos (Hannahís brothers)  existed.  They  knew and understood the way the disabled felt for they were setback as well.  Evolving from the head of their unfortunate father, Choasic, who was defeated in a one on one fight with a vicious man.   Choasic was beheaded with the sharpness of the corrupt manís sword.  His vital fluid of life was placed into a metal basin that was plugged with a thick pewter lid.  Pathos and Orthos had never met their father for they were still in their motherís womb. Pathos and Orthos were born as one man, both together.  They were joined at the shoulder.  By this they each had only one limb, meaning they shared a body with two heads.  When the odd couple  was three days old the basin of their fatherís blood was opened and was used at their baptismal or the welcoming of them into the world.  Their mother was ashamed because no woman had ever brought a creature such as them into the world.  Her heart throbbed with pain and she cried each night.  She whimpered and sobbed.
        Hannah had been empty-headed.  She had not even slightly thought that by her smoking she was creating people like her disabled siblings.  Intervening her index finger and middle finger a cigarette lay exhaling dense sable fumes.  Like a life preserver that bobs on the water, the thick haze floated in the air.  A life preserver saves ones life but a cigarette ends all dreams.  Hannah feels a sign of relief when breathing in the impure air  as it pollutes the earth and Hannahís body.  Her body struggles to breath and she gasps for breath.  Hannahís breast bone is weighed down with unbearable weight as she tries to use her most prized  operation.  The operation of breathing fails and Hannah stumbles.  Her face meets with the dirt and a large thump follows.

        Hannah lays in a lethal slumber hoping that someone may come to her aid.  Her body aches as she lays stretched out on the earthís grime for three days.  From up above her brothers Pathos and Orthos watch over her with discouragement.  They believed in their sister and always thought that she would think before acting.  They were wrong.  Hannah had done bad for not only herself but others as well.  She was killing human kind and polluting their home.  They let their sister suffer but only for her own good.  They expected her to understand that she did wrong and that smoking benefited no one even if you were hurting deep down inside.
        Internally Hannahís lungs created a blood bath.  The two brothers loved their sister dearly but in order to do good for their world they had to watch in silence as their sister shuddered with pain.  Hannahís body was so weak that it collapsed.  The crimson juices hit her body like a dozen stones and it shattered her frame.  The pain rushed through her entire body until she disappeared and left behind a pool of blood.  The scarlet liquid shifted and lathered as the sunís heat beat on it.  Beginning to have motion the blood formed an immense hand.

        Seeing the world from itís finger tips the hand was created by Hannahís brothers.  The hand travels the mother earth seizing every cigarette in addition to beginning a massacre of the natural source from which cigarettes are manufactured.  By doing this Pathos and Orthosí creation had saved the lives of many and killing the temptation of anyone who would turn to smoking as and answer to their problems.
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