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    When Bruce Wayne was 6 years old he was witness to his parents brutal murder. Viewing that murder has shaped his life into what it is today. He has taken a vow that he will not let innocent people die for no reason.
 Bruce was born to Thomas and Martha Wayne. For the first 6 years of his life he was the object of  their affection. He never left their sight. Thomas Wayne was a billionaire. He always had jealous enemies but never thought anything serious would happen.

    Bruce was only 6 years old when his parents died. They were killed right in front of him. After watching his parentís death he realized that they had done nothing wrong and yet an enemy had  still taken his parents from him because they were jealous. He didnít think it was fair what they had done and promised himself that innocent people would not die because of a bad society.

    After Bruce finished school at the age of 12 he progressed more. Bruce traveled the world for twelve years, visiting the best universities and auditing courses related to crime-fighting. Eventually he became exceptional in science, technology, boxing, disguises, criminology and detective skills. At one point he worked for the FBI. During the day he is himself, Bruce Wayne, and during the night he is Batman. Nobody knows his true identity except for Alfred.
Batman never uses a gun, and never kills. Yes, there have been exceptions to this, but whether they are part of continuity is questionable. He feels that all life is precious, and thus he preserves lives, and brings criminals to justice. In order to do this, he has to instill fear in his opponents. This is why he uses the identity of a bat, people are afraid of bats. Batman does not appear during the day, he appears only at night. His combination of the various martial arts allows him to defeat his enemies without killing them. Just bringing them to justice.

    Bruce hasnít really had a triumphant return. He has had many different adventures in his life. He has even gained partners, such as Robin, or Batgirl. During one of his adventures he has gotten hurt but he is always ok. He returns home to his butler and life long friend Alfred.

    Bruce Wayne as Batman has received awards for saving peopleís lives and for saving Gotham City from Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy. The congressman are very appreciative that he fights for the city but at the same time they are very cautious of him.

    When Batman was younger he was very courageous. He was created in May of 1939, which makes him 60 years old this May. Even though he is 60 years old he doesnít live like he is. He is still Batman and he can still beat his rivals in any event. He still fights crime and brings justice to the court. Of course he will always have back up like Robin or Batgirl.


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