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                                                                         -Fox Black-
                                    By: Soid Quintero
         December 23, 2023 was the day I was born. I was born to the wealthiest family in our land.  My dad was Walter Black, and the king of a new island in the South Pacific Ocean, he discovered it when he was on a plane ride and claimed it as his own in 2018.
            Everybody wanted to live there because it was clean lots and of natural resources were there and it was growing with new technology. But something to good like this, can not last forever, Since he discover this island every country has wanted to claim it as part as theirs, they have offered lots and lots of money but my father refuses.
             But at one point he agreed with the United States government and was about to sell the land but he backed out, after he found out they were just going to use it for nuclear bomb testing. Him backing down made the U.S. government very mad and he threaten my dad, by telling him he either had to give up his land or there would a war. My father does not have all the army and military advantages all the other countries have. He knew he was going to lose so he gave up half the land, but still the government was not satisfied. So The government told my dad they were going to get him were it hurt the most his first son. Since my dad decided to work his new island in a monarchies kind of way this very serious.
               Five years later I was born and I was in danger the U.S. government wanted me and was planning to take me away from my family till my dad gave up the land. My dad feared the day when this had to come so he had been preparing by trying to built the most powerful army, navy, and military to fight. No matter how hard my dad tries to win the U.S. government, he will never win unless we get bigger and stronger armies. From what was found out from our spies they are planing to take me away and kidnap me, until my dad gives up.
                    In 2038 fifteen years later I wanted to see the world and travel but my dad was scared, scared because of the dangers I was in. My life was so boring and I could not thrust anyone, but my family. My only other family thatís close to us and trusted was my Uncle David Black. He lived in Australia but frequently visited us and always invited me to go with him.
         My father said "that I would be able to go when I was to be out of danger"
         I always anticipated the day that would come the day were I would be free, free of worries, of wondering, free of fear and so many other things. I always wondered if my life would be different if I was to go too Australia with my uncle. Always thought if the U.S. government would know if  I was going there, the thought never cross my mind that there was an impostor among us.
         The only person in our house that I talk to and trusted as my best friend was Lee, I always told him everything good and bad.
Two months after my sixteenth birthday I felt more devastated than ever my mind was filled with so much anticipation to see the world, so I made a decision to go. A decision to leave to run away to me on my own, something that I was not ready for but wanted it so bad. I immediately told Lee my plan he decided to help; he was too helpful almost as if he wanted me to go.
 The next morning Lee had all my things pack and was waiting outside for me, my parents had a meeting so they did not see my leave. I knew, I wasnít ready to be on my own so asked Lee to go with me. Lee, turn around and ran up the stairs into the house to get his stuff he was glad that I asked him to come with me, him coming made me feel much better and safer. The first place I wanted to go to was Antarctica because they had the biggest ice-climbing place in the world.
             Lee and I were finally on or way I was finally going on an adventure away from home. The only thing that could stop me now was my father and he was far away from me and I was glad.
The moment we arrived, I felt safe because the U.S. government did not know that I had left, at lest that is what I though.
           The next day I woke up to find my private hotel room invaded with men dressed in black it took me a while to realize that the government found out what I was doing and they were after me. I did fear that they might get me, and at the same time wondered how they found out I had ran away. The only other person who knew I had gotten away was Lee, I immediately notice that he was gone and so was his stuff all except his jacket. I pick up the jacket and saw he left some kind of wallet in it, I got it out and read his identification card. I found out his name really wasnít Lee but Steven and that he worked for the Federal Bureau of investigation for the U.S. government. I was frightened that they were going to get me and kill me. I had to find a way out and fast, walking around the room I thought of all the different ways to get out and all the ways they could catch me. Since the room was surrounded from the out side I decided to go into the next room and from there I would start to make my way out of the building. Or just stay there and hide When I entered the next room I found that Lee was there he acted as if I didnít know what was going on, so I just played along. Then I asked when were we going to go ice climbing. Lee asked me if I had seen his jacket, I immediately said no and suggested that maybe it was in his room. When he went into his room I ran out and went into my room to get. When I return he was still in his room looking for it I threw it behind the couch and walk toward his room. I heard him talking to someone on the other line; they were discussing their plan on how they were not going to mess up by letting me go. Lee also told him our plan and where we were going.  I knew there were waiting to get me in a place were no people were around so it was time to use the only power I had my pride to prove that I was independent and responsible to my dad.
That afternoon at around 4:00 p.m., Lee and I were going to our first view of Antarctica and I had a change of plans to come up with. While riding up to the mountainside I told him to stop the car and help me with something. As he got off the car I told him I knew everything about him and how he was a spy. He was scared and surprised that I had figured it out, but now he was more determined to get me.He immediately  pulled out his gun and started to aim at me. I had been trained for this and had no choice but to fight him. As I stood there in front of Lee, I kicked my leg up knocked the gun off his hands , as soon as it fell on the ground I kicked it again so he could not reach it. With fear in his eyes he stood in front of me, as soon, as I began to reach up and punch him he stop my arm and kicked me in the stomach. It was a hard solid kicked I fell to my knees and Lee began to say "guess youíre not as courageous as you though Fox." I was mad and also scared but I could still tell that Lee was also scared . Lee was walking around me, as I was on my knees on the floor, when I recovered my breath I knew that if I could make Lee fall to the ground I could beat him and take the keys for the car and get away. I continued with my plan and knocked him down it wasnít as smooth as I though it be, but I made it and got away.
             As I arrived at the airport I was ready to leave and go somewhere else away from any one who knew about me. I made a choice to leave and go to Australia and visit my Uncle David. The next few hours I was about to spend them flying in a plane and worrying about the troubles that for me there.
While on the plane I thought that maybe I shouldnít go because my uncle might tell my dad were I was, and I would have to go back. This to me was a very tough choice to make because I wasnít sure as if to continue or go back. When I finally arrived at the airport I decided to go too my uncles and tell him what had happen.
On my way to rent a car I saw a very beautiful girl that captivated my attention. She was not very tall with dark black shiny hair and seemed like a very interesting person. Her way of dressing mad her job or whatever she did look important. I wanted to approach her but I was living by the term trust no one ever since every person I have meet has betrayed me. The way she was moving her lips while talking on the phone mad me feel all tingly inside. When I walk past her I wanted to say hi but I was much to shy, then a second though interred my mind that this might be the last time I see her any ways. I turned around and hear her say into the phone "this is special agent baker for the FBI."
I immediately turn back around and started walking really fast hoping she hadnít notice me. When I got into my rented car I went directly to my uncles house. When I got there I told him, everything that had happened, I also told him I was very scared and that I was heading home the next day because the FBI was here in Australia. My uncle was upset because he knew that what I had done was wrong and that I deserved what I had gotten.
            When morning arose I took the next plane to my house and hoped for the best, which I got. My family was happy that I returned they already knew all about Lee and the airport so there was no need to say anything else. The only person I did not get to see was my dad I knew he was going to be upset with me, and from what I hear my island had gone to war with the U.S.. I was shocked, devastated and unclear why this had happen. I rush immediately to find my mom and ask her what had happen said it was because  the government had said they had you and were going to kill you  we did not give up our land, instead your father declared a war. Now you came and your the only one that can stop this insanity because this fight is not about the land itís  about you now. I asked my mother to make more sense of her self she said that the land did not matter that it was not worth it and that the government just wanted to get revenge over my father since they made him spent to much money on spies and undercover people, and the embarrassment in the past.
               I decided to go and meet with my dad and tell him that I was sorry for leaving and that I was determined to help him win. I did not want any more innocent people dying so was determined on stopping  this nuclear war. My first attempted was to send a note to each government saying that they surrender. This stop for awhile  but latter continued. Then I tried talking to each main person to find agreement I was able to stop the war for good, and everyone was glad. After a year of war it was finally over and I was to tank.
             When I returned  my father was upset with me and could not stand that I had given up he was furious and said that he needed to talk to me alone. We walk out side and heated toward the forest it was getting dark and cold. He started to tell me that it was fine that he stopped the war but he could never see me again, and thatís when I realized that he was taking a gun out from his pockets. He said that he could not live with the embarrassment of being a quitter and giving up his only reason to keep his land, that is when he told me that all he wanted to do is too become better that the U.S. government. My dad started to back away more and more from me and holding his gun up at me, he shot me twice and ran.
        My own father shot me  and left me here to die alone, slowly, and painfully. Laying on the ground looking up and wondering if any body would come and rescue me, I could see from the corner of my eye that there was a big puddle of blood underneath me . about a couple of hours latter or it seemed like I started to loose my vision and was completely numb from my legs down, slowly I was dying and it was to late for anyone to save me.
              "Monday 13th, 2041 the body of Fox Black was found deep in the forest. He was dead from two gun shoots to the stomach. the killer of Fox has still  not been identified the time and day of death has not been determined. For more coverage stay tune to SEQ, channel 23, with me Rod your favorite new anchor man."
         Years latter Fox Black was known to be the hero of war and peace maker, and became a legend. He became a legend because he gave up his fathers dignity and more, so that there be peace between the U.S. and his people. They never found the killer of fox but it was said that the Gods took his spirit to help them with world peace.
                                                                         -The End-