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By: Griselda Moreno
    Once upon a time there was a lady named Dominica that lived in Intarmica. Dominica was born prematurely on top of a hill near the great marsh of Arizona. Since the beginning of her childhood her parents saw that she excelled at a faster pace than other children her age and they were really surprised to see that she was doing this well because her parents came from such a poor family and they never got the opportunity to get a good education and it was said that if your parents weren't educated there wouldn't be a single chance that your children would be smart at all. She was totally into everything that involved nature, everyday she would get up really early in the morning and go walk around the marsh to take a look and see if there was anything new that she could examine and then write it down in her journal. Dominica sought for greater challenges that would make her more intelligent.

    One day Dominica's parents went out to buy groceries because they had been eating whatever they had left over from the year before; you see in those times the food wouldn't spoil at all because there were ways to avoid the spoiling of food. Well, while her parents were out shopping Percales came by and tempted Dominica with the cutest little kitty there ever was and since she also loved pets she went out to meet him in front of her courtyard. Percales had no good intentions with Dominica because he was really jealous of  her and wanted to make her banish without anyone finding out that he was the person responsible for her disappearance . Since Dominica was younger than Percales she didn't have as much strength  as he did and so Percales saw that as a weakness on her part. Well Percales started thinking of many different ways to make her disappear while she was talking to him. Then Percales was ready for action.

    First of all Percales told Dominica to go to his house because he wanted her to examine a wounded bird  that he had found and didn't know what to do with it, and Dominica being the kind person she was, agreed and went with him without leaving a note for her parents. The first thing that Dominica noticed was that they weren't going the regular way that they always took on their way to school, then she saw that Percales kept looking around and it  made her even more suspicious, now it was her that was thinking of what to do. First she went behind a tree and hid there just long enough for Percales to wonder off by himself and since she had no idea where she was, she just kept going until she was totally lost. From there she didn't know what to do so she  just kept walking around until she came upon a really big city and she didn't know where to go. She saw people walking around everywhere, and she noticed a lady that was there , so she decided  to go up to her and ask her where she was and she did. The young lady replied "Hon you are in San Francisco," and Dominica said "Do you know of any place where I would be able to stay," and she said "well if you don't mind staying with strangers,  you can stay with me for as long as you want" and so she did.

    Dominica stayed with the lady for about two years and now she was living by herself in an apartment building that was next to the lady's house and that way they kept contact with each other. One day Dominica got a telephone call from a company that needed her to go over to their offices because they were interested in having her as an employee. She would be doing a lot of natural researching. She went to their offices the next morning and they greeted her as if she was a very important person. She met the manager of the offices and he told her all about what they did and if she was interested in joining a team of  people who would go out to do research on plants, animals and medicine for diseases. That was the end of her life with having nothing to do that was worth while for her. The next day she was ready to go out and explore with her new co-workers.

The first test that she would have to accomplish was to go and start to examine a new kind of plant and find out what was causing the people to get germs and other diseases that were making some them die of rashes and if no one did anything about it  the company themselves would get a court hearing and they would have to shut down the company. Dominica started doing everything that same morning because she wanted the boss to the impression that she would be able to do anything no matter what and that she was a person that you could rely on. Dominica started doing the scientific method that her teachers had taught her before and she was getting all of the information that she needed.

     Lunch hour came at about 12:30 p.m and Dominica's boss came in to tell her that she could go out to lunch but she said no because she hadn't brought any at all and her boss (whose name was Charles) told her that he would gladly take her to eat lunch and that way they would have a chance to get better acquainted and to talk about what she has found out so far. They were there talking and talking and it was already 1:30 p.m and they had to be back at the lab but Charles said that he would tell them that she had been going to different forests to collect samples of that same plant that was killing people.

The next morning Dominica showed up to work with the results of her experiments. Charles organized a meeting that would be given by Dominica and to tell you the truth she was really nervous because she had never talked to a large crowd of people and she wasn't sure of what the other people would think of her. It turned out that there was this animal (the srilka) that was leaving its poop trails and the plants would absorbed the smell and by doing that anyone who came close to it would get sick so quickly that the germs of the animal would take over their body. After Dominica gave her speech everyone started clapping and commenting that she had done a wonderful job and that she had done it very quickly. Her next challenges were given to her that same day and she accomplished all of them. Her last task was that she would have to go to South America and get different tree samples to find out which ones would be good for curing cancer. She left on a plane the next day and Charles took her to where she would be staying and then he left her. Three weeks past and she was back in San Francisco with some results but she wasn't sure if that was the correct answer to her problem so she had to call up some of the scientists who also studied nature and medicine that were in South America to ask them for their input because they were there all the time that she was looking for the right answer. When she conducted her meeting she told them her results and they immediately called the hospital to tell them that they might have a cure for cancer and that they would like to try the medicine on an actual cancer suffering patient.

     The next morning Dominica went to the hospital to see how the patient was doing and to her surprise the patient was Percales and he was so surprised to see Dominica that he went into total shock and all of the doctors came in to give him first aid help. The doctors told Dominica that the treatment was going great but that now Percales suffered brain injuries and that he was in a terrible comma.

    Two years later the hospital called with the results of the medicine and they said that it was a good discovery because it minimized the pain that the patients would have to go through. Dominica was really happy with the results even though the results were not as she would of expected because she wanted the treatment to totally cure cancer but it wasn't. Charles was the first one to come through and congratulate her. Before all of the testing had happened they had gone out several times and had gotten to know each other more and more. One day Charles had asked Dominica if she wanted to get married with him and she had said that she would consider it because at that moment she wasn't really sure of  what she wanted to do, and plus she had other things going for her like her job. Now he had asked her again and she said yes this time. They were engaged to get married in eight months.

    Dominica and Charles got married on June 12, 2002. They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon and while they were there, Dominica started looking around to try to find anything that would further help her develop a cure for arthritis. When they went back to San Francisco Dominica went to the San Franciscan Memorial Hospital to take the plant that she had found in Hawaii to have it tested on another patient and weeks later she got a call that the plant had had a successful ending because a guy had gotten better and that he was back to work now.

    Dominica had always had dreams about being with her parents and now she thought that it was time for her to tell Charles all that had happened because she hadn't told him the whole truth. After Dominica had told Charles everything he decided that Dominica should go back to tell her parents what had happened and he was going to get a private investigator to look for her family. The next day she called the investigator to see if he had any news and he said that he had found her  parents, but that they had moved away already. She went to tell Charles what the investigator had said that her parents were no longer where they had first lived and that her dad had died right after her disappearance because he couldn't bare the thought of her daughter being dead.

    The year right after, Dominica went to visit her mother because the private investigator had already found exactly the place where her mother was living. She was having the most wonderful time that she didn't want to go back to her home, but Charles said that they had to go. Then three months later she got a phone call that her mother had also died because she gave up and she wanted to be in heaven with her husband, and  now Dominica had no other family at all because both of her parents were dead. Charles consoled her until she was feeling better and he was there all the time. Dominica got sick for about two weeks and then she recuperated after taking some herbs  that she herself had discovered.

    On December 15, 2003,  Dominica died of depression. Before she died she had told Charles that she was really grateful to have such a wonderful husband but she really couldn't take the pain of not having parents and that she felt wonderful because she knew that she was going to heaven with her parents. She was recognized by a lot of societies for trying to find a cure for cancer. Percales , however did not die but he did start doing something good for the environment in memory of Dominica. There was a park in San Francisco that was named after Dominica. She is now remember as the "Cancer Woman".

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