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Focus Group Assignment


Your group is responsible for FOCUSING on a particular section of the novel, then presenting the class with an interpretation of the most important details from that section. You will need to select/create:


a reading of an important passage from the section (practice first!)

an "event map" highlighting the important events in the section

a list of all characters in the section with a short description of why

they are important

a study question from your section (yes/no or one-word answer

sections not accepted)


The outline, character list, and study question must be presented on poster paper. Presentation will follow this format:


1. Read passage and explain its significance to the whole section

2. Take class through event map, explaining each step.

3. Explain each character's significance.

4. Read study question and allow students to copy it.

5. Ask for any questions on your presentation.





Focus Group #

Will Present On:

Period 2

Period 3

Period 5

Period 6

1-chs. 1-3






2-chs. 4-7






3-chs. 8-10


















6-chs. 17-19






7-ch, 20






8-chs. 21-22