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Gilgamesh was a great Sumerian king who follows the hero archetype.  He is considered a hero and was honored and respected at the end of his life.  As an unusual birth he was brought into the world as two thirds god and one third human.  Along with this he had no family meaning he had been abandoned by coming into the world with no warmth or love.  Early in his life he met a man named Enkidu whom he had great hostility toward.  As his call to adventure the two individuals fight and to both of their surprise they see that neither one of them can defeat the other.  After this the two become extremely close friends.  It was as if Gilgamesh and Enkidu were both halves and when they came together they formed a whole and complete life.  It is said that Gilgamesh has supernatural gifts however it is not specific and simply says that he has special weapons.  Gilgamesh proved himself along with Enkidu in battle against the Humbaba, the Bull of Heaven.  As a trophy Gilgamesh kept the Humbaba's head.   He and Enkidu returned, but not without a price.   The gods decide that Enkidu must die.  A piece of Gilgamesh is killed when Enkidu dies.  When this occurs Gilgamesh falls.  In the end Gilgamesh dies from nothing more than old age but still lives on.  He is greatly honored and respected after his death.
The mask of Humbaba.

Epic of Gilgamesh

The Gilgamesh Epic

  The Assyro-Babylonian Mythology version of Gilgamesh
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