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Gillas and Debo
By Steven Salcedo

One day the almighty Zeus decided to make a son named Gillas. He was born from a thunderbolt. He had no mother and was very ruthless. He was trained to kill and be a fighting champion. Zeus wanted him to be the fiercest man in the whole world.
When Gillas was only five years old he was already smarter, stronger, and had more courage than most fifteen year olds that lived in his town.

When he was thirteen, older men would fight him and die. Gillas was so strong and talented that no man could beat him. When he was eighteen he met a beautiful girl named Motela who had just moved into his city. He thought he could get any girl he wanted but Motela wasn’t easy to get. Motela’s father, Hilarious, was a very mean and powerful man and wouldn’t allow Gillas to see her. Gillas went to visit her one day but Hilarious said, no. Gillas was so outraged that he attacked him and started fighting him. Hilarious was obviously no match for Gillas and ended up losing more than the fight. He lost his life and daughter. Motela was angry that Gillas had killed her father but she loved Gillas and went to live with him.
Gillas was always mean and angry but since he had met Motela he had changed to nice and cheerful. They went on picnics and hosted great feasts. Gillas wanted to be so nice that he invited everyone to his feast including his archrival, Debo.
 Gillas and Debo had been rivals ever since they were kids. Debo and Gillas had wrestled in a match when they were ten years old. Debo also was no match for Gillas. Gillas had won very easily and Debo’s father, Percom, was very upset with him and he ended up disowning him. Zeus and Percom had each bet on the match that his son would win and Zeus knew Gillas would win. So, Debo was now left in the street all because of Gillas. He lived as a beggar and a thief.  Ever since then Debo had been trying to get back at Gillas.  Debo decided to go to Gillas’ feast and poisoned all of the food and make all of Gillas’ friends sick. Debo also kidnapped Motela and took her home with him.

Gillas was very upset and scared because the man who had his only love was very angry and wanted revenge on his rival.  Gillas went to his room, put on his armor, got his sword and went for Debo and Motela.

As he got to Debo’s hideout a couple of guards came out for a fight and got the worst of it. Gillas punched out the first two and cut the third on his leg. As the guard lay on the floor Gillas asked,  “Where is Debo?” The guard wouldn’t tell him so he started to search. There was no sign of either one of them then suddenly he noticed a crack on the wall and he pushed it. A secret door opened and there was Debo but no sign of Motela. The fight began and Debo threw a magic rock that could go through anything but with Gillas’ quick reflexes he dodged the rock and kicked Debo right in the mouth. As Debo fell, Gillas put his sword to Debo’s throat and asked, “Where is Motela?” Debo pointed to a trunk by the wall. Inside was Motela who lay beat up and unconscious.

Triumphantly Gillas made his return home with his prize, Motela. When they got home and settled down they had another feast, this time without Debo. All of their friends were there and had a great time. They got filled up on the best food the women could cook and got drunk off of the best wine in the city. A few years later they got married in a great church and had a beautiful daughter named Lilly. Lilly grew up to be the most beautiful women in the whole area. Every man wanted her and women wanted to be her. But, her father had taught her all of his fighting skills and she also became a great fighter.
One day as Lilly and Gillas were sparring and Lilly slipped and stabbed him in the chest. Gillas had a very deep wound and would not live. He lived for two more weeks and lay in his bed. Lilly was terrified but Gillas told her that it was his time to go.
Finally he died and left many people very sad. He was buried on top of a hill and had a great head stone made of marble. Lilly grew up to be a leader of the people and many people looked up to her. She also had a son who she named Gillas. She met the man of her dreams and got married. She lived to the age of 35 but died of a very bad flu.

Motela grew to be 67 years old and never had another man or husband. She lived a tough life after Gillas died but lived through it and died in her sleep one night.

Gillas the second ended up being very much like his grandfather. He was very strong and smart and was very extraordinary. He grew up to be the leader of a crime fighting gang called the Freedom Fighters. He lived to be 42 years old but died when he was assassinated by one of his rivals.

Nobody knew exactly whatever happened to Debo but they think that he fled the country and started his life over again but did not succeed in his new life and died in a great chariot crash while trying to catch his father Percom.
So, the almighty Zeus had succeeded again in creating a great son. Gillas had changed the lives of many and had shared his skills and will always be remembered as a great hero.