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       Green Lantern

     The Green Lantern's Ring is the most powerful weapon in the
     universe. It creates solid light images that can
     be shaped to take the form of anything the
     wearer imagines.
     Ring is keyed to Kyle's genetic signature and
     can only be used by him.
     Unlike previous Green Lantern rings, Kyle's
     ring is limited only by his imagination and will
     power; no weakness to the color yellow and no
     24-hour time limit.

     Real Name: Kyle Rayner
    Occupation: Freelance artist
    Base of Operations: New York City

Marital Status: Single             
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    Eyes: Dark green
    Hair: Black
    First Appearance: GREEN LANTERN #48 (January,

The Green Lantern fits the archetype of the hero Because he had an unusual rebirth, he got the original green lanterns ring and inheirited the greatest power in the universe.  The Green Lantern also had early danger, after he recieved the ring he had to protect the universe from powerful entities, and villians. Kyle Rayner (A.K.A. The Green Lantern) has had many calls to adventure, such as when he had to defeat Omega X.  The Green lantern also has had many triumphant returns such as when he defeated Omega X and the president of the United States thanked him personally.  the new Green Lantern Kyle Rayner has not been able to settle down yet, get banished from New York City,or die but if he does I will update this page.

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