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By Mateo Marquez-Conley

In a land far away there lived two gods one was a male named Fernando, and there was a lovely female named Janet. They lived in a far off island were they had sons, one was Luis and he was extremely smart and the other was named Ulesus who was strong but he had no intelligence what so ever. At a young age they were put in to a school that would help them improve their talents.

Ulesus would always get into fights at school. One day he was expelled from his school, and was not permitted to interact with anyone from the school, during school or after school. Ulesusí parents were so mad that they sent him to go live with a group of people that were so cruel as a punishment for being so mean to people. So that very day they packed his stuff and sent him on his way hoping never to see him again.

 When Ulesus got to the place that he was going he found the people to be a lot like him and grew quite attached to them. There in that house they taught Ulesus every thing there was to fighting. At the age of 10 Ulesus was already wrestling bears and alligators. When he was 12 they were teaching Ulesus every way to kill a person.

Back at the school Luis was busy learning every thing from making bombs to disarming bombs. Luis had many friends at his school but missed his brother a lot and swore that one day he would find his brother even if it took 500 years (since he was immortal). As the days went by Luis grew more depressed, until he couldnít take it any more and became a high school dropout. One night he packed all his stuff and left his school to go on a long quest to find his brother.

Before he left he would have to get some supplies so he went to visit one of his cousins, the goddess of weapons.

"Hello, is anybody there? It is me your cousin Luis asking you for help." " Come in my dear cousin and what brings you here?"

"I am going on a quest to find my brother, and it might get dangerous because I sensed that the other gods are against me finding my brother. I have come here in hope that you will give me a special weapon to help defeat any unknown dangers."

"Luis do you know what the other gods will do to me if they find out that I have helped you?"

"Donít worry about it I will tell them that I forced you to help me, and if you donít help me I will force you to help me!"

"Very well I will help you but as far as anybody else knows I did not help you. If your parents find out that I helped you, they will take my immortality. You must promise me that you will tell nobody that I helped you."

"I promise."

"Now come with me and I will get you a weapon."

As Luis left the house of his cousin he felt as if he was ready for anything. When he started his journey he didnít know where he was going all he knew was that his heart was guiding him to his brother. Luis was not being an explorer. Unknowing he was about to cross into the land of giant scorpions. As he walked into the scorpionís territory he noticed that everything around him was dead. There was nothing living at all.

At a distance he saw an object heading his way. As it became bigger the object began to come into focus. When it came into focus Luis realized what it was, and without any hesitation, he pulled out the sling shot that his cousin had given him. He put a rock in it and spun it in circles. When the scorpion came closer he let the rack fly out of his slingshot and knock the scorpion dead.

Luis, a little shaken up, saw a gigantic bird flying in the distance.

"Hey, you, come here! Carry me to the other side of this land, and if you wonít I will cripple you so you canít fly, and then the scorpions will eat you!"

"I am not scared of you! How do you intend to cripple me if you are way down there and I am way up here?"

"You birds know so little. I am a god and am able to do what ever I please."

"If you are a god why canít you scare those scorpions away?"

"I am a god, I assure you that, but I can not destroy any other work done by a god."

"Even though that is true you have no proof that you are a god."

"You want proof I will give you proof. Look at that tree over there. Do you see it? I will make it grow to be four times as big!"

The bird watched the tree thinking it would not grow at all, but sure enough it grew. The bird knew that he would have to help Luis.

"Where do you need me to take you?"

"Just to the other side of there territory."

While hanging from the bird's legs Luis had a pretty good view of the land. In the distance he saw a house and requested to land there. As he was getting closer he noticed that the people there where kind of rough. He was hungry and a god so he decided to take the chance.

"Hello my name is Luis what is yours."

"None of your business so just leave before I hurt you."

"Do you have any idea who you are talking to?"


"I am Luis, son of Fernando and Janet, therefore that makes me a god."

"Well I am a god too but I was abandoned at an early age for starting trouble."

At that moment Luis knew this was his brother.

"What is your name?"

"My name is Ulesus."

"Ulesus you are my brother. I have traveled a long way to find you. Now that I have found you we can go home at last."

"Brother, that would be great if I could go home with you but I must wait for the kind people taking care of me to arrive, so I can say goodbye."

"Very well lets go inside brother."

"Ulesus weíre home."

"Good they are here, hey guys in here, I would like you all to meet Luis my brother. I would like to tell you that I am going to go back to his house to live with him."

"Ulesus I was hoping this day would never come but it did, when you first came the gods told me if you ever tried to leave we would have to kill you, and who is helping you escape."

"Forgive me you must understand that it is the will of the gods. Guards shut the doors."

As they came towards the two gods, Ulesus pulled out his sword. Luis had pulled out his slingshot but realized he had dropped his rocks out side. As the men came closer with there clubs Ulesus started to strike and kill them. He had killed almost all of them except for two. One was trying to fight him from the front and as the other came from the back, I quickly held my sling shot and strangled one, as Ulesus cut the head off the last person. I looked at Ulesus and Ulesus looked at me. We road there horses back to my parents' house. When we got there they werenít there so we decided to wait for them with a sword in each hand.

The door opened and our parents came in.

"Luis, Ulesus, what a pleasant surprise!"

"Save it mom, why did you send me away?"

"Well because you were too much for us."

"Even so, I would never abandon my child if they were good or bad. Youíve made me kill my only friends and for that youíll die. My brother and I will rule all of heaven and earth!" With two swift swings of a sword they were gone.