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               Quezacoalt is a god that origanated as a water god,  he also known as a wind god, and is often found in creation myths.  Quezacoalt ruler of the fifth world gatherd up some bones of human beings that where in the underworld, then he sprinkled some of his blood on it and humans where created. In return the humans worshipped  him, and had more of a relation with him than any other god or goddesses. Quezacoalt allowed himself to be seduced by Tezcatlipoca, but threw himself on a funeral pyre out of remorse. After his death his heart became the morning-star, and is as such identified with the god
Tlahuizcalpantecutli. After his death the higher priests were called Quetzalcoatl.


Originated as a water god
     Created humans
     Named all of the landmarks of the Earth
     Discovered maize
     Created fire
     Established the maguey culture -- octli brewing and ceremonial drunkenness
     Gave instruction of music and dance
     Cured eye ailments, blindness, coughs, skin afflictions; gave the priests the practice of curandero, the diagnostic casting
     of lots
     Helped with fertility problems
     Sired royal lineages
     Established the priesthood -- gave proper instruction of sacrifice and created the Tonalmatal
     Domesticated animals.
Triumphant return:
Loved and worshiped by his people.
Allows himself to be suduced by Tezcatlipoca, and he dies.
After his death high priest were called Quetzalcoatl.





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