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Hilary Ford 
541 34th Avenue 
Santa Cruz, CA 95062 
(831) 476-6517 
My Educational Philosophy  
Academics and Training  
Classroom Teaching (San Benito High School)  
Professional Activities (San Benito High School)  
My Educational Philosophy
Teaching is my vocation. I believe that it is one of the most important jobs in our society. It is my duty to provide each of my students with the best learning experience, guidance, and assessment which will prepare them for the future.

  • To secure a teaching position which will allow me to not only be a classroom teacher, but a school leader and curriculum developer as well. 
  • To continue to be an advocate for the use of Instructional Technology as an effective tool for motivating, teaching, and assessing student learning. 

Academics and Training
California State University, Stanislaus 1993 
    Single Subject Credential, English 
California State University, Fresno 1992 
    BA, English, Cum Laude 
Santa Clara County Office of Education  
Summer Internet Institute, 1997 
  • Participated in training program for Internet literacy and classroom applications 
California State University, San Jose  
California Literature Project, 1994-1996 
  • Participated in training program for literature-based Language Arts instruction and assessment 

Classroom Experience
San Benito High School
1220 Monterey St.
Hollister, CA  95023
(831) 637-5831

9th grade Language Arts, 1996-present  
  • designed and implemented  department-wide curriculum focused on introductory literary analysis and basic composition 
  • instructed students in the steps of the Writing Process and guided literary analysis via personal response journalling, small group project/presentation, and class seminar topics 
  • Textbook:  McDougall-Littell Literature (Orange) 
9th grade Computer Literacy, 1996-present  
  • designed and implemented department-wide curriculum focused on introduction to PCs and Microsoft Office software with an emphasis on process writing, meeting benchmarks, and study skills 
  • instructed students in the management of PC desktop and MSOffice tools:  Word, Powerpoint, and Excel as well as navigation of the internet and evaluation of web sources of information 
12th grade World Literature, 1993-present 
  • designed and implemented department-wide curriculum focused on fostering an awareness of cultural differences and similarities present in literature via analysis, seminar, and composition. 
  • instructed students in the process of conducting college-prep level literary analysis with an emphasis on personal discovery and formation of thesis 
  • Textbook:  Rosenberg's World Literature 
11th grade American Literature,1993-1996  
  • implemented department-wide curriculum focused on the theme of the American Dream as presented in a survey of American Literature from pre-colonial to present-day 
  • guided students through the exploration of a common theme and directed their response to various stories, novels, plays, and poetry through oral, multimedia, written and visual presentations 
  • Textbook:  McDougall-Littell Literature (Yellow) 
Other Courses:
ESL3, 1997-1998
World Studies, 1994-1996
US History, 1993-1994

Professional Activities (San Benito High School)
Mentor Teacher, 1998-present 
  • Performed peer evaluation of new teachers 
  • Directed New Teacher in-services 
  • Conducted staff in-servicing on the use of Instructional Technology and techniques for addressing Multiple Intelligences in lesson design 
Technology Coordinator, 1998-present  
  • Prepared school-wide technology plan necessary for implementation of Digital High School grant moneys 
  • Oversaw purchase and distribution of classroom computer workstations and desktop software 
  • Trained staff in use of desktop software
  • Wrote column for community newsletter,       The Parent Connection
  • Launched on-line publication, TechTips for the purpose of disseminating information about Intructional Technology
  • Created Teacher Computer Resource Center as part of school’s permanent Media Center 
CAPPCOMM Lead Teacher, 1996-present  
  • Created curriculum designed to give former LEP and at-risk students skills necessary to prepare them for university acceptance 
  • Instructed students in standard Honors Level 9th grade Language Arts class with Computer Literacy supplement 
Writing Across the Curriculum program co-director, 1996-1998  
  • Designed and implemented staff training in basic fundamentals of Process Writing 
  • Served as liaison to Social Science department during implementation of their individual writing program 

Martha Gioia 
San Benito High School 
English Department Chair 
(831) 637-5831 
Mark Rogers 
Aptos High School 
Technology Coordinator 
(831) 688-6868 
Doug Achterman 
San Benito High School 
Library Media Specialist 
(831) 637-5831