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Hilary Ford 
541 34th Avenue 
Santa Cruz, CA 95062 
(831) 476-6517 
Academics and Training  
Classroom Teaching (San Benito High School)  
Professional Activities (San Benito High School)  
To secure a position which will allow me to utilize my diverse skills as an educator,
curriculum designer, Instructional Technology expert, and writer.


Academics and Training
California State University, Stanislaus 1993 
  • Single Subject Credential, English 
California State University, Fresno 1992 
  • BA, English, Cum Laude 
Santa Clara County Office of Education  
Summer Internet Institute, 1997 
  • Participated in training program for Internet literacy and classroom applications 
California State University, San Jose  
California Literature Project, 1994-1996 
  • Participated in training program for literature-based Language Arts instruction and assessment 
Classroom Experience
San Benito High School
1220 Monterey St.
Hollister, CA  95023
(831) 637-5831
9th grade Language Arts, 1996-present  
  • designed and implemented  department-wide curriculum focused on introductory literary analysis and basic composition 
  • instructed students in the steps of the Writing Process and guided literary analysis via personal response journalling, small group project/presentation, and class seminar topics 
  • Textbook:  McDougall-Littell Literature (Orange) 
9th grade Computer Literacy, 1996-present  
  • designed and implemented department-wide curriculum focused on introduction to PCs and Microsoft Office software with an emphasis on process writing, meeting benchmarks, and study skills 
  • instructed students in the management of PC desktop and MSOffice tools:  Word, Powerpoint, and Excel as well as navigation of the internet and evaluation of web sources of information 
12th grade World Literature, 1993-present 
  • designed and implemented department-wide curriculum focused on fostering an awareness of cultural differences and similarities present in literature via analysis, seminar, and composition. 
  • instructed students in the process of conducting college-prep level literary analysis with an emphasis on personal discovery and formation of thesis 
  • Textbook:  Rosenberg's World Literature 
11th grade American Literature,1993-1996  
  • implemented department-wide curriculum focused on the theme of the American Dream as presented in a survey of American Literature from pre-colonial to present-day 
  • guided students through the exploration of a common theme and directed their response to various stories, novels, plays, and poetry through oral, multimedia, written and visual presentations 
  • Textbook:  McDougall-Littell Literature (Yellow) 
Other Courses:
ESL3, 1997-1998
World Studies, 1994-1996
US History, 1993-1994
Professional Activities (San Benito High School)
Mentor Teacher, 1998-present 
  • Performed peer evaluation of new teachers 
  • Directed New Teacher in-services 
  • Conducted staff in-servicing on the use of Instructional Technology and techniques for addressing Multiple Intelligences in lesson design 
Technology Coordinator, 1998-present  
  • Wrote school-wide technology plan necessary for implementation of Digital High School grant moneys 
  • Oversaw purchase and distribution of classroom computer workstations and desktop software 
  • Trained staff in use of desktop software
  • Wrote column for community newsletter, Parent Connection
  • Launched on-line publication, TechTips for the purpose of disseminating information about Intructional Technology
  • Created Teacher Computer Resource Center as part of school’s permanent Media Center 
CAPPCOMM Lead Teacher, 1996-present  
  • Created curriculum designed to give former LEP and at-risk students skills necessary to prepare them for university acceptance 
  • Instructed students in standard Honors Level 9th grade Language Arts class with Computer Literacy supplement 
Writing Across the Curriculum program co-director, 1996-1998  
  • Designed and implemented staff training in basic fundamentals of Process Writing 
  • Served as liaison to Social Science department during implementation of their individual writing program 
Martha Gioia 
San Benito High School 
English Department Chair 
(831) 637-5831 
Mark Rogers 
Aptos High School 
Technology Coordinator 
(831) 688-6868 
Doug Achterman 
San Benito High School 
Library Media Specialist 
(831) 637-5831