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Griselda Moreno


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Global Problems Overpopulation- The Economy



Overpopulation is a problem that affects people. The world seems to be getting really packed with people and we might end up having no more room for anyone else. We try to find people to blame for this but sometimes we are blaming the wrong people. Whose responsibility is it to keep overpopulation under control? Should a limit be put on how many babies are to belong to a family? Is the problem really everyone's? These are some questions that come to my mind when I think about overpopulation, and I cannot seem to find the answers.

In the past I have heard some of my relatives talking about the problems with the economy, however I have not heard them mention overpopulation. They usually blame the weather because they say it destroys the crops and the employers don't pay their employees a good amount of money, therefore the employees have to go ask for help from the county treasury. I have also heard that some people take advantage of the programs that the county offers to help them economically and that makes the government really mad, I think that they have the right to be mad. I have also heard that overpopulation is causing a lot of the natural resources to disappear, that causes people to start getting mad because they don't have anything left over to produce products in order to maintain a good economy.

The things that I already know are that world population is now growing by I billion people every 11 years and that is making our country run out of resources. I also know that overpopulation causes food shortages in many countries and people try to stop wasting their food on things that they don't need. Also a lot of people are asking themselves the question of how many is too many? Are we just making a big deal about something that really isn't a big problem?

The reason that I wanted to do this research project is because the subject seems interesting and I want to know more about it. It seems that some people really aren't informed enough about this subject. That is why not many people know who to blame the problem on. I have heard different opinions from different people and I would like to be able to talk to people and be able to have my own opinion. I think that doing this project will help me a lot because I will have new information. I hope that I have good luck finding good resources.