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Carlos Santana

Have you ever wondered  how your parents can listen to that music with no words?  Music by people like Carlos Santana? Well, some kids don't understand but I do.  I like Carlos Santana.   He changed rock`n roll forever.
Early Life
 Carlos Santana was born in Texas.  His family moved to Mexico when he was 8 years old.  Before Carlos even dreamed of becoming famous, he played the violin.  He had an interest in the guitar so he decided he wanted to play the guitar instead.  His family moved to Tijuana when Carlos was already playing the guitar.  He wasn't famous yet.  Later local bands asked him to play in their bands.  One band named the T.J.'s  knew he had a career ahead of him.
The Big Event
Carlos Santana made himself big in San Francisco.  He started a band called Santana Blues Band and he gathered a lot of fame from that little band.  In 1969 he played at Wood stock Festival in New York.   The estimated population for that was  500,000 people.  After that he toured with Jazz Saxophonist Wayne Shorten.  He also won  six Bammies.  In 1987 he performed at  a rock`n roll summit U.S. Soviet rock concert.  In 1993 launched own record label named , "Brothers".  In 1997 he signed a contract with ARTISA.   His albums were sold a lot, Every new album of his  including 14 gold and 9 platinum albums.
How the World Was Changed
Carlos changed the world by his style of playing the guitar.  Also the fact that he was Latino made him different in the world of rock-n-roll.  The most part way in which he changed the world is how his style sounded.  Nobody had ever had style such as Carlos'.  He exploded with his sounds that joined everyone together.  His style of music identified him as distinctive innovative musician.
In The End
Now Carlos is still giving concerts and playing his guitar.  He's giving a concert in February of 1999 in Las Vegas. He is famous for his style and that's why people go see him. Still!
I think that this project was easier than doing a paper.  This wasn't hard at all it was easy surfing the net and I wouldn't say no to a project like this.  This is a lot of fun. The most valuable aspect of this project would have to be that I learned if you have the talent and it's your dream, chase it.
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