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The story of Spiderman begins when Peter Parker,(spiderman) is at a science fair  and was bitten by a radioactive spider giving him the strength and agilty of a spider along with an early warning system(spidey sense).

Peter Parker was an orfan, he was left under the care of his Uncle Ben and Aunt May.  These people are the reason why spiderman started webcrawling business.  He started out with that suit, appering on shows, then one day someone offered him a wrestling job, he would wrestle.  Spiderman couldn't resist so he took the oppertunity.  One day after a match he was dressing and a man ran right into spiderman and kept running then a police office runs in and says "stop him", Spiderman says" I'm only a wrestler I'm not no cop,". Later Peter went home and found police in his house.  The same guy from the arena had killed his Uncle Ben, and he promised he'd help fight evil of men.  That is how he became the Amazing Spider-Man.
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