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The Life Of Stars

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Stars are astonishing, yet, they are interesting because they have an unique way of life that gleams with a radiate shine that fascinates us. And that's what brings me to these questions, How are stars created? What is their purpose? How do they shine? Questions like these are some of the examples that can be answered by myths. Here are some myths to give you an idea on stars.

Stars are something that                                     Delphinus one of the many constellations                 Andromeda, the
man can create with words                                 that's known to be found of music. He lies               Princess, is represented 
There are many different ways, .                         in the northern hemisphere and looks some            in the sky as the figure of
and here's one myth that can show the                 what like a fish. To find out more information           a women..................... 
one way........... . Sky Mythology                     look under........... Delphinus                               Andromeda




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