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This page is really about two Thors:  the Marvel Comics character and the Norse god.  The Marvel Comics Thor fits the archetype of the hero in some respects. He has an unusual birth because he is a god. Thor is born into early danger because he was raised with Loki. Loki was adopted by Odin, Thor's father, after Loki's father the Frost Giant Laufey was killed during battle. Loki was always jealous of  Thor. Loki's hate for Thor grew strong until he wished to destroy him.

During his years as a hero, Thor has had many battles with Loki. Thor's call to adventure came when he fought alongside the East Coast Avengers, a group of superheroes. Thor's superpowers are that he can lift over 100 tons because he is a god, he is immune to any Earthly diseases and is resistent to conventional injury. Thor's Asgardian metabolism gives him greater human endurance at any physical activities. Thor's weapons are a hammer made out of a mystical metal in Asgard called Uro. He calls it Mjolnir. There was another Thor that Odin told his son about. The old Thor killed a serpant at Ragnarock and was killed himself by the serpent's venom. This was the origanal destruction of Asgard. The Thor from the Marvel Comics company doesn't get married or die.  He finds his father and stays on Earth and becomes a member of the East Coast Avengers.
The mythological Norse god Thor on the other hand definitly does fit the archetype of the hero. He has an unusual birth because he is a god. Thor is the son of Odin, king of the gods, and Jord. Thor is the one of the most powerful gods. Thor's call to adventure is that he is the protector of gods and humans. Thor's powers and abilities are his super strength and his weapons are his hammer Mjollnir and his belt Megingjard which when he wears it it doubles his already amazing strength. Thor is married to Sif, a fertility goddes and their two sons are Magni and Modi. Thor's greatest enemy is Jurmungad, the Midgard serpent. At the day of Ragnarok, doomsday for the gods, he will kill the serpent but the serpent's venom will claim his life. Thor's sons will inherit Thor's hammer after his death.

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