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Created By: Ashlin Sylva

     I thought Zeus was kind of interesting so I made this page to give you some information about him. I hope you enjoy my webpage.  If you have any ideas, comments, questions, or anything else email me at my address down below.  And thanks for taking time to visit my page.


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    Zeus was the son of Cronus and Rhea and the chief god of the Greeks.  His father, Cronus, was known to eat his children. Zeus' mother, Rhea, knowing Cronus would eat his newborn son sent Zeus to Crete and wrapped a stone for Cronus to eat instead. In Crete Zeus was fed on the milk of the goat Amalthaea and reared by nymphs.  His supernatural gift was the ability to wield thunderbolts.  When he was mature enough he came back home and forced his father, Cronus, to disgorge the five earlier children with the help of his grandmother Gaia.  Zeus is described as falling in love with one woman after another and resorting to all  kinds of tricks to hide his infidelity from his wife. Olympic games were celebrated in his honor every fourth year.  The Nemean games held at Nemea were also dedicated to Zeus.  Zeus has been with many women, but his wife was his sister, Hera.

 On this webpage you will find a story that I wrote about a hero named Shania.
She fits the archetype of a hero.
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