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Ultima, Antonio, 
and the Owl 


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Bless Me ,Ultima Unit


Check here for nightly reading, upcoming focus group assignments.


Personal Exploration Project

A Multiple Intelligences method for exploring the characters, setting, plot, and theme of the novel.  Due no later than Friday, June 9th.


Study Guide 
Answer these nightly as you read.  Answer in complete sentences in your journal.  Quizzes will be based on this study guide.

Spanish/English Translator                                                                                                           A rough guide to some of the phrases in the novel.

Rudolfo Anaya Biography
Interesting information about the author and his inspiration for BMU and other works.

Censorship and Bless Me, Ultima
This article reflects on the mistuderstanding which often accompanies a book with multicultural themes such as this one.

Realismo Magico (Magic Realism)
A very good overview of magic realism as it applies to art and literature.