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Fairies exist in a lot of different cultures but mostly in Celtic myths. They aren't good or bad, but can be considered either depending upon their acts. Fairies like to make jokes on people and sometimes their jokes get out of hand and they are considered faeriekin evil.  Superstitious ideas about fairies are many and long-lived, here are some examples:

Cramps are thought of a punishment for annoying Faeriekin
Unexplained bruising is caused by pinching fairies
Faeriekin live, or so they say, in some type of land both on earth and another plane of existence. The two worlds are connected by fairy ring, fairy islands and fairy steads, magical gate ways to other worlds.  This place has been called many things through out history, but its nature is always he same- magical.

It is told in legends, that once there was a time when the human world was one with the fairy. The one land divided into our world the mortal on, and fairy, the spiritual part. The reasons for this part are unknown, but some believe that faeriekin chose to part from us mortals, because we became less aware of our spiritual part and more physically dependent.
Humans never seem to make up their minds.


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