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This is a paperless final.  No printing necessary.  To return to this page anytime, just click the "Home" button and follow the link to Period 2 Final.

You will demonstrate your ability to:

Good Luck!

Part I                        Part II                    Part III


Part I - Navigating the Internet and Evaluating Web Sources

(email me your answers as "Part I")
  • Go to YAHOO and open your email account.  Start a new email to me,, labelled "Final Part I."

  • Open a 2nd Netscape Navigator window. To do this, simply click on the "File" menu, then select "New" and "Navigator Window."  Now you've got two Netscape Windows running, one for searching and one for composing your email to me.

  • Use a SEARCH ENGINE (Infoseek, Google, Yahoo, etc.) to find the answers to the following questions.  Bounce back to your other Netscape Window to type your answers into your email to me.  For each answer, cite the URL at which you found the answer.
  • 6.  Judging by their URLs alone, which of these sites would probably be a better source of information?


    7.  What do the following letters in an URL mean?
            a.  .com
            b.  .org
            c.  .edu

    8.  What are some details one should look for when deciding whether a web page is a good source of information?

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    Part II - Reflection on the Romeo & Juliet  project

    (type this item up in MSWord and save a COPY of it to server folder F:/Share/Ford/Word2)

    In essay format, reflect on the strategies you used to plan, develop and present your project.  12pt. Times New Roman, Name/Date/Period in header, double space.  Spell-check and grammar-check.  All errors WILL count!

  • Evaluate your process and product (how you did it and what you did)
  • What improvements would you plan for next time?
  • (don't even ASK me how long it should be--just answer the prompt completely.)

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    Part III - Powerpoint Presentation

    (create this in Powerpoint  and save a COPY of it to server folder F:/Share/Ford/PPT2)

    Your assignment is to create a slideshow advertisement for CAPPCOMM.  Your audience will be incoming SBHS freshmen.  The topics you will need to cover are:

    *What is CAPPCOMM?
    *How is it different from other classes?
    *What (specific skills) will you learn here?
    *How will it help you in your other classes?

    Your choices regarding background, text, graphics, and animation are open.  All of those items must be present, however.

    Your presentation must have an introduction slide with a title and your name, as well as a closing slide with a thank you and "credits."

    Be sure to save often and re-save when you are finished.

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