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The Hero
Story Assignment

You are going to create your own myth!  Before you dive right in, however, here are the requirements for your story:
· 5 -7 pages, typed, double-spaced
· follows the traditional archetype of the Cultural Hero
· your hero must serve some need of society

Answer the following questions in whatever format you wish. They are a good starting point for thinking about your myth.
1.  What does society NEED today to be better?
2.  What "evils" or "villains" exist that could be fought by the right "hero?"
3.  What qualities would a hero need to possess to fight these enemies?
4.  How will you adapt the Hero Archetype to a modern-day setting?

Once you’ve completed some brainstorming, you’re ready to start.  Remember:  a myth is simply a story.  This story is even simpler to write because you already have the pattern!

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