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by Erin Rodriguez
    There once lived a boy named John Jam. John was born to the King Jose of San Jose.  John

loved running around on highway 101. Highway 101 was a busy highway but John didnít care.

His father told him to be really careful but John didn't listen. John was soon hit by a car. King

Jose was sad for the lost of his only son. He couldnít have any more children after John so King

Jose was sad because no one was going to inherit the throne.
    The next day John came back. His father was frightened by the sight of his dead son. John

told King Jose that the god Sapphire and the goddess Emerald wanted him to fight evil for

there daughter Rose. King Jose wanted to know more. John told his father that he needed to

fight traffic jams so everyone could be safe from harm and if he succeeded he would marry

the god and goddess daughter. King Jose agreed that he would help his son any way he could.

     John needed one thing from his father and that was love. If King Jose loved his son no

matter what he did John would be able to fight the traffic jams. If his father lost a little bit of

love for him John would become weaker and weaker until he was no more. King Jose promised

his son he would love him no matter what happened. John needed a weapon besides love to

fight the evil. He knew just what he needed and that was a vacuum cleaner. The cleaner would

get rid of the god Topaz who produced fog, and his wife, the goddess Ruby who produced

smog that tried to blind drivers and cause accidents. John asked Sapphire to make him a

special vacuum cleaner that was strong enough to hold him and powerful enough to defeat

Ruby and Topaz. John easily got rid of Ruby and Topaz.

    Another god that John needed to fight was Aqua, the god of weather. Aqua caused accidents

which caused traffic jams. John didnít know what weapon he would use to defeat Aqua. Getting

rid of Aqua was going to be harder than John thought. Aqua had a few tricks up his sleeve

that threw John off. John knew where Aqua was headed, unfortunately Aqua told

Sapphire the wrong place so John would be sent away from Aqua. Before John knew what

happened, Aqua had already cause three traffic jams. John didnít know what to do. John

feared the gods would punish him for screwing up. Sapphire told him he would give him one

more change because it was half his fault, of course a god would never admit that.  John

decided to negotiate with Aqua. The plan was when it would rain or snow or whatever but

when that happened Aqua would miss the roads so that they werenít slippery in return no

one would complain about the weather.

    The last problem John needed to fight was Diamond, the goddess of earthquakes. Diamond

already told Sapphire that she wouldnít negotiate for anything in the world because she could

have anything in the world. John didnít know what to do about Diamond. He learned about

Diamond and found out that she was a lonely women who wanted love. This gave John a great

idea. He heard that Diamond had a secret crush on Aqua but Aqua doesnít know and Aqua has

a secret crush on Diamond, but Diamond doesnít know. John decided to get Diamond and

Aqua together. John told Aqua that Diamond liked him and John told Diamond that Aqua liked

her. Finally Diamond and Aqua got together and they finally got married. Diamond told

John she would do anything in the world. John asked her to stop earthquakes for good.

Diamond agreed on one condition. She could make earthquakes only is she was mad. John

agreed because if he didnít she would make earthquakes non-stop.
    John came back to San Jose to reunite with his father. King Jose was proud of his son for

stopping traffic jams. King Jose kept his promise and never stopped loving his son. John told

his father that he had to go to Mount Olympus to meet Sapphire. That day John married Rose

and went to San Jose to tell his father the news.

    When John arrived in San Jose, a big party was being held. When John went to his home, his

father was there to congratulate him and told him the great news. It seems that the king of

Hollister heard about what John did and wanted his daughter to marry him. King Jose said it

was a great idea and wanted them to be married at once. John pulled his father aside

and told him that he was already married to Sapphires daughter, Rose. His father was proud of

his son. John then told him there was one catch, he could only live in Mount Olympus and he

could never see his friends or family again. John was proud of him marring Rose but his father

was angry at him for not telling him sooner.

    King Jose soon stopped loving his son for what he did. John felt himself grow weaker and

weaker every time his father loved him less and less. John feared that his father would stop

loving him completely.
    His father wanted to visit his son but the only way he could do that was to go to Mount

Olympus and no mortals were aloud there. (John was a god now) King Jose didnít know what

to do. So John decided to visit his father. Sapphire knew what he was going to do and wanted

to stop him. Sapphire feared John would tell his father all about Mount Olympus. Sapphire

didnít want to risk of John telling anyone especially his father about  Mount Olympus.

    There was two ways to stop John. One was to take away his powers and keep him in Mount

Olympus forever or he could kill John and that would break his daughters heart. Sapphire

decided to take his powers away and John didnít like that one bit so he went to Sapphire to

tell him that he wanted to see his father or he would find a way to tell everyone about Mount

Olympus. Sapphire became angry at John, but sense he liked John for what he did, Sapphire

gave him a warning. He let his father visit him once and that was it. This was a good offer but

King Jose knew once he saw his son and was at Mount Olympus, he would want to see his son

again and again. Sapphire knew this would happened so he told King Jose if he tried

to see his son again after this visit, he would strike his son dead. King Jose feared he would

forget when he becomes older so he asked the gods to remind him over and over.

    It was now twelve years later and King Jose was going to die soon. He wanted his son to take

over the throne. He needed to see his son again but Sapphire only let King Jose see him once

and that was it. King Jose didnít know what to do. He asked the gods if he could see his son one

more time. The gods said no. King Jose pleaded to Sapphire if he could see his son one more

time before he died. Sapphire told him that only his son could go down there for only an hour

then he must come back to Mount Olympus. His father agreed. When John came down to see

his father, King Jose started crying for he hasnít seen his son in twelve years. John and King

Jose talked quickly. When the hour was up King Jose didnít want his son to leave, so he told

the gods to leave his son alone and that he was never leaving San Jose ever again and that

heís  taking over the throne. Sapphire was angry at King Jose and struck him dead. John was

angry at Sapphire and Sapphire struck him dead. Rose couldnít believe what her father had

done and wanted to kill her father. Sapphire couldnít believe what his daughter

wanted to do so he struck her dead. During all this, Emerald saw what was going on and told

her husband that if he didnít bring them back, she would kill him. Sapphire told Emerald not

to threaten him because he knows she would never kill him. Emerald became angry at

Sapphire for not believing her and struck him dead with his bolts. Emerald couldnít believe

she did that and asked Aqua to kill her. Aqua didnít want to be punished for killing a god and

Emerald told him he wouldnít be punished. Aqua agreed and struck Emerald dead. Soon after,

Aqua killed himself because he couldnít face the facts that he killed a god. Everyone heard

what had happened in Mount Olympus and San Jose and became very sad. It was a sad day for

Mount Olympus and San Jose. Soon San Jose had no king and Mount Olympus had no king god

or queen goddess.