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The Life of Michael Jordan

''MICHAEL LEADS THE BULLS ONCE AGAIN TO THEIR SIXTH STRAIGHT TITTLE'' when I saw Michael Jordan win the championship for the sixth time he finally proved to everyone who likes the game that he is the best basketball player to ever play.

                                                                             Early Life
          Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was the fourth child of James and Dolores Jordan. In his early years in high school he sign up for the high school varsity team, but he was cut. From that day on he would never be cut from a basketball team ever because later in life he becomes famous. Michael Jordan went on to collage in the University of North Carolina. He was their best basketball player they had. Michael made great plays like making last minute shots to win big games. All that he did for UNC gave him the Collage Player of the Year award in 1984. Some other cool stuff Michael did include making the Olympics and winning the gold. Jordan got drafted to the Bulls and said good by to UNC in his junior year in collage. Jordan made a big impaced in the N.B.A by making huge plays. His hang timing dunks amazed the Bulls fan who gave the nickname he would bare forever ''Air Jordan''.
                                                                               ''The Big Event'' 
Michael Jordan started his career in the N.B.A by leading the Bulls to three straight championships in '91,'92,and '93. Some people criticized him as a ball hog but he ignored it and continued on with his career. Tragedy struck Michael Jordan's life when he heard of  his dads death in a parking lot. After this sudden tragedy Jordan retired the 1993-94 season to focus on his new profession as a professional baseball player. Though he had not played baseball since he was in high school, he didn't play for the pro's, instead he played for the Birmingham Barons, a minor league baseball team. Jordan played outfield for Birmingham for a while until people realized his profession ain't baseball it's baseketball and Jordan would be back to play on the championship team known as the Chicago Bulls.

                                                                   How the World was Changed
Michael Jordan's life was amazingly popular since he started playing basketball. All of sudden he started making nike commercials, staring in movies likes Space Jam, and even making his own shoes. Jordan came back in the '95 season with the Bulls winning the championship again with the Bulls. Jordan and the Bulls went on to win the 1996, '97, and '98 championships with the Bulls and winnimg the MVP award as well.

                                                                    What he is doing now
 Michael Jordan had a great career with the Bulls but after he won the champioship with the Bulls one question remained to be anserwed: will he retire from pro basketball. That question was anserwed in 1999 when I was wathching ESPN on Monday and I heard that Michael Jordan will anounse his retirement Wedsnday January 13, 1999. So ends the career of  Michael Jordan and he wont be coming back to the '99 basketball season. ''Air'' Jordan should be remembered as the gratest basketball player to ever  play the sport of basketball.


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After the best basketball player Known as Michael Jordan or as people might call him ''His Airnes''and ''Air Jordan'' leaves, I hope that everyone has realized that he is the best.Air Jordan will always be remembered as the best basketball player to ever play the game.


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