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Carl Jung

The leader of dreams!

Dreams, what do they mean?  I chose to write about Carl Jung because dreams have always been a mystery to me. I want to learn what dreams mean and if they are trying to tell us anything. And Carl Jung seems like the perfect person to write about.

"Early life"
Carl Jung was born in Kesswil, Switzerland in 1875.  He studied at Basel, and worked at the Burgholzli Mental Clinic in Zurich wail studying medicine.  He was a student as well as friend of Sigmund Freud. Freud and Carl jung had a falling out.  Jung felt that there was much more to dreams than what  Freud did.   That was when it began for Carl jung.

"The Big Event"
Carl jung changed the world in many different ways. He brought dreams to higher level. Jung felt that dreams were experiences of the unconsciousness of all humans while they were sleeping. He thought that this was an understanding of a person.
     sensation -- getting in touch with the external world through body stimulation
    feeling   effects, emotional energy, that specifies value as positive or negative
    intuition spontaneous awareness of an uncomfortable situation
     thinking reasoning about experience using logic as our guide
    experiences-- controls the way you react to a situation
He saw that most of the time all of these feelings were controlled by the ego.

"In the End"
Nowadays we remember Carl Jung as the person who came up with one solution to our wonders about what dreams mean. Because of his studies we now know some of the reasons  we react the way we do. Also that our childhood has a big effect on the way we live when we grow up.

This report was very frustrating because there was not a lot of information about Carl Jung to choose from. The hardest part of all was finding about his childhood. At the same time it was fun because his life is very interesting. Next time what I'd do differently is to check the amount of information on the person so when I'm doing the report I don't have to suffer so much. The most valuable aspect of this project was learning how to divide my time and organize information.

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