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    The legend of the Chinese heroine Mulan fits the hero archetype.The legend goes as... Scrolls were sent, calling for men to join the soldiers in a very dangerous, important battle over Chinaís enemy, the Huns . The Northern Dynasties in china were characterized by fighting among different nomadic tribes in china, and their invasion,  dominance and rule over indigenous Chinese Han people. Fearing for her fathers life, mulan plots to disguise herself as a boy in order to take her aged and ailing fatherís place in the emperorís army.
If her identity is revealed, her being a girl would result in her death anyway, besides the fact that the battles alone could. Mulan knew all con sequences, and after taking her fathers armor, began on her journey of life, death,  victory or shame.

The crisis is that the Huns have crossed the Great Wall of China, with plans of deposing the emperor; and lead by a young, fearless captain, the small army and the heroine Fa-Mulan, are China's last hope. The mettle as a problem- solver facing life-and-death tests as  battling the Huns in mountain passes and the corridors of the emperor's palace. Courageous Fa- Mulan goes into the draft of the Khan in her father's place, fought the invaders courageously, and returns home triumphant. Here are the links to this legendÖ

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