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New York
by Tanya Trujillo

  In New York, in the midst of all the tall building and smog filled sky there was a petite candle shop. Too small for most to

even notice. It was about the size of an average living room. The owners, Denise and Joseph, who also lived in the back of the

shop, were a happy couple, who only had one thing missing from their lives, a baby. They were  unable to conceive a child,

and they adoption agency said that there life style was unfit for raising a child. Their dreams were crushed, Denise sobbed and

sobbed for days, after a while she would just sit at the window and watch the children walking home from school.

Dendrite, the goddess of birth, saw  Denise and pitied  her.  Dendrite would often visit Denise in her dreams.  Denise was

often frightened from the dreams. She didn't know what they meant. Their was a  child  and a birthday cake. In each dream

their was one more candle on the cake and the child seemed to be getting older. Then on her 21st  dream  the boy, who now a

man, opened a gift and it was a rifle he hugged  Joseph and then turned to her and gave her a weird smile. Before she could

think he made a swift move and shot Joseph in the back . The boy would then drop to his knees and cried. Then out of no

where dendrite came into the picture and grabbed him then disappeared.

    She then woke up in a clod sweat, she turned to see she had a baby in her arms.  It was the baby from her dreams she was

not scared at all from the baby. There was this pleasant feeling you would get whenever you were around him . she then turned

and looked at her husband. He was shocked and frightened at first and then they started to wonder whose the baby was. Then

dendrite appeared to them she told them that  the baby was theirs and she would make sure they would always be financially

able to support the baby. Then she told them the 3 things they must do in order for her to let them keep the baby.  1. The baby

will have extreme strength and you are to encourage this to what ever it is it will lead to. 2. You are to never let the boy date or

marry, for he has an assigned wife. 3. you will never ever tell anyone you got the baby from me and you act like you had the


    The next morning when they opened the shop there were people waiting to come in  day after day in was the same way they

were overjoyed and  business was great.   There was just one little detail Dendrite forgot to tell them, the child was the son of

Zeus and Hera.  Hera and dendrite where rival sisters because Hera knew Dendrite had a thing for Zeus. Hera was mad to

know that mortals where parenting her child. She wanted to have her son back but only to through in dendrites face. She

decided she didn't really want the kid but she didn't want the mortals to have it either. Day after day Hera would watch them

in their daily routine with fury and jealousy.   One day she got so sick of it she send a  poisonous rattle snake a placed it in

Scott's bed. Dendrite saw her and when Hera has gone she changed the snake to a harmless bunny rabbit. Scott played with

the bunny and fell asleep with the bunny in his arms. Hera tried many attacks on Scott but dendrite always saved him. Finally

Hera gave-up.

    She knew her monsters would never get passed dendrite so instead she put a curse on him. On his 21st birthday he would

kill his father. Dendrite found out about the curse by Hermes who delivered the spell. Dendrite just didn't know how she was

going to be able to save this kid from this horrible fate.  On his 20th birthday she knew she had to act fast. She went threw

tones of books of spell trying to figure out how to stop the spell.  Then finally she found a book that  had a way to deviate the

spell but not stop it.  Zeus being the real father she deviated the spell for Scott to kill him instead of Joseph. Dendrite didn't

want Zeus to die and she knew he  could kill him so then Zeus would just come back, but then she realized Zeus would come

after Scott for revenge.  She went to Zeus and told him the situation.  If  Scott were to kill his mortal father he would get the

death sentence and would be killed by mortals , dendrite knew Zeus wouldn't have that, so her plan worked.  Zeus

understood and would not go after Scott.

    The day came for Scott's 21st birthday. They were all very excited and  when Scott unwrapped his first present, Denise

thought she was having desa’vu.  Then it occurred to her very suddenly, that this was how her dreams  had gone.  Then he

started to open a present  that his father given him, Denise didn't know about it.  When she saw the green wrapping paper, she

was scared cold she was frozen in time it felt, her legs stiffened her mouth clamped shut.  Then dendrite came into the picture

like time had stopped and in slow motion she walked across the room saying" it's all right". Then Denise started getting the

feeling back into her legs right when Scott went to hug her.  Then he gave her that smile, and said  "lets have some cake".

Denise felt like a million pounds had been lifted off her shoulders. She gave a big smile and when to get the cake.

    That night Denise woke up to a disturbing bang, she got up and ran to Scott's room ,he was gone. She ran to the front

door, it was wide open and cold wind was coming in she ran outside and saw Scott outside speed walking with the rifle in his

hand she called after him and he turned and said "I have to do this mom". She started to chase after him when dendrite

stopped her.  He has a job to do and  I  need you to understand that he has to do this and you aren't going to stop him,

Dendrite told her. And with that Denise turned around and walked back in the house. Joseph asked her what happened and

she answered by saying "nothing".

    Zeus was watching Scott and was proud of his ambition. Scott was suddenly aware of his powers and flew to the top of

Mt. Olympus. He started to wonder what stopped him from using his powers before. 0n Mt. Olympus Zeus and Hera were

finishing diner. Then out of nowhere Scott came running out of nowhere with a knife he had taken from their display case. 

Scott came at him full force and penetrated his chest .  Zeus rocked back and forth on the floor screaming in agony. Then Hera

was full of anger and  made an Earthquake so big it knocked down the 3 closest sky scrapers to the candle shop. Scott's

parents where killed in the crash he was devastated. It  was confusing for him he did not even know where he was.  He just

felt the horrible feeling of rage sucked out of him, and sorrow fill him up he started to cry. His only parents he had ever known

were dead. Then dendrite appeared to him and explained every thing to him. He was very angry with her. Then he realized

Zeus was his dad and started shaking him and shaking him to wake up.  Zeus turned over and said "what do you want kid"?

Scott was full of joy. Scott asked Dendrite why she took him from his family. Then she answered "I didn't want to see you

turn out to be influenced by your mother, and I wanted to see you grown up in a honest family, so you would use your powers

for good and not like your mother". Scott  understood and forgave her.  He stayed with Zeus and Hera for a while but he

knew this lifestyle was not for him.
    He went back to new York and got a job at a tire company. He was as accountant there. He soon found out they were the

second leading polluting company in the world. He warned his bosses about the safety hazard and then tried to talk to the

president of the company, but they all ignored him. He found a block in old the vents that needed to be replaced or the steam

would build up and cause over half on the  building to explode. The company was very tight with money and didn't want to

spend that much just for new vents, and their vents passed the safety laws last year. After many attempts to aware the

supervisors he decided to take matters into his own hands.  He went in to the vents and tried to break through the build up but

it wasn't working . He knew that the vent could explode any minute now.  To help his progress he prayed to Zeus.  Zeus herd

him, but thought Scott should do this on his own. Scott pushed and pushed and finally got through the crud.  All the steam that

blew out, made the top of the split. And they sent Scott Flying strait up. Though he had saved the company, they denied any

wrong doing and blamed him for splitting the pipes and fired him. Scott knew he was responsible for the split pipes, but he new

what happened wasn't fair.  He thought to himself, "I donut need to work , I'm a god. I can go around exploring the world and

stop disasters from happening, and hey, it  beets sitting at a boring desk all day."

    So it was then he started his trip around the world. While in London he meet a girl named Billie,  who had the same beliefs

as him. No meat, no furs, recycling, solar watches, that type or stuff. They went on a couple of dates, but her father was very

strict. Being as Billie was very obedient of her fathers wishes, she told Scott she could no longer see him. He got very angry

and sent a sickness on her father. He gave him leprosy, and the only way to cure him is to allow Billie to date Scott again. Her

father really had no choice and allowed him. Billie had no idea that  Scott was the cause of  her fathers sickness. Hera wasn't

going to let that stay for long.  She sent Hermes off with a letter from and anonymous person. Went Billie comforted Scott he

couldn't lie and told her the truth. She was disgusted with him, and dumped him.

    Scott was heart broken and  didn't know what to do. He went back to college and then a university. Where he meet

Lauren. They were in the same classes. She was into politics and wanted to run for mayor in her town. So Scott acted like he

was into the  same things. He ran for mayor in New York, and he made himself win, he like politics and  went on and on kept

on running for things, until, he got to running for president. Lauren and him had kept in touch and were still dating  when they

found out they were running against each other for president. Lauren soon broke of the relation ship. Scott got angry and made

himself win and Lauren have no votes, but 3. In the in tire world only  three people voted for her. her mom, her dad, and her

sister.  Scott won for president and won. Right after he won America went to war with Germany.  He wasn't happy about it he

didn't even want to be president. He only reason for getting the job was to impress Billie, which didn't work .

      Now he was stuck in a job he hated,  a  war he didn't want and a whole lot of people he would have to put up with if he

wanted to resign. He wanted to get out of the white house. So he made this big old speech about how he was equal to all the

citizens of America, and he was going to fight in the war. He had the vice president in charge while he was off at war.

 There he was out in the wilderness with dead body's all around him. He loved it, the smell was hot and sticky ,But this was

the atmosphere  he liked.  There was a certain greatness he got there, by knowing he was stronger than anyone else. Hera

,who had been watching him, thought it would be fun to give Scott a little rougher time. To play with someone his own size.

She sent a beast of the under world to chase after him. In his dreams in his reality, and in his mind. It was HORRIBLE every

where he looked he saw it , it would always be walking behind. He was the only person who could see it, besides other gods.

He prayed to Dendrite, then she appeared. She reminded  him he too was a god and had no much to worry about. She gave

him a book filled with spells and  stuff like that. He thanked her and she left.

  He next morning he woke up and then  remember the book he ran over and opened it up. He was looking for a spell to

banish the beast. He couldn't find one he looked through the entire book then he finally knew what he had to do , he had he

fight it he was scared he had never really go up against someone who was equal strength. Finally he came upon a spell that

would freeze him in time, and the only way for his to defrost is if Scott found a wife, but Scott knew he could never find a wife.

So he placed the spell upon the beast. In mid sentence, the beast froze in it's place.
    Years pasted by and Scott grew lonesome. He defeated his greatest enemy, lost his only love, so he had no reason to live.

He resigned as president. The world was against him. He had no place to go. Then one day he ran into Billie. She was as

beautiful as ever. Her auburn hair shone in the sun. The day after, they went steady. He remembered the spell. He went to her

home to tell her he couldn't see her anymore, but when she opened the door, all the feelings of braking up with her went away.

They dated for a couple years and he forgot all about the spell. A couple more years later, he asked her to marry him. They

couldn't wait and got married that night. On their honeymoon, the beast barged in and attacked Billie. She fled to the bathroom

in fear. Scott fought the beast for hours. Billie, who had escaped through the bathroom window, was told by Scott that he

knew who his real parents were and that he was a god. Billie prayed to the gods to help Scott, but it was too late. Scott was

defeated. The beast disappears as Billie came back. His last words to Billie were: Promise me I will always stay in your heart,

because you will always stay in mine until we meet again in heaven. Then he closed his eyes. but instead of black he sawthe

gates to olympus open and there he stayed for the rest of  eternity, right by his fathers side.