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Perseus was one of  Zeus' many sons, that he had. This web page will tell you  about  his life. Perseus was a real hero that follows the achetype.  The oracle of Apollo told Acrisius that Danae's son  would one day kill him.  So Acrisius caged Danae and baby Perseus in a large  chest and cast them to sea. Some how they got safely to the island of Seriphos where  Polydectes was king there. Polydectes heard about Danae and he wanted to marry her. She rejected him, so Polydectes planned a marriage  and sent Perseus to get the head of gorgon Medusa as a marriage gift. So he went of on his  perilous voyage. Then a tall woman and a  man with wenged sandles appeared, it was Athena and  Hermes. They gave him the  wiged sandles, a sickel, and shield so that he would not turn into stone once Meduza looked at him. Then he had to find the Graneae, so that  they  would give him the cap of darkness and the way to find Meduza. Once he did, he got them toll tell them the way to Gorgo and when he got there he saw them at sleep and he used the cap of darkness to cover him and cut Meduza's head. One of them woke up and saw him but he flew away with the wiged sandals.He meet Andromeda, which was going to be eated by a sea monster. Later they went to Larsia and Perseus was throwing discuisius. So the Prophecy came true and after mourning  for a while Perseus and Andromeda left. When they arrived at Seriphos, they met Dictys the fisherman who brought  them to shore. Dyctys told Perseus that Polydects didn't get  married and Polydectes force Danae to be his handmaiden. Perseus was furiuos and went to  the palace, he walked in ans said, "Let  all who are  my friends shield theri eyes!" So saying he raised Meduza's head and Polydectes and his coutier were change to statues. Perseus  and Andromeda lived happily for many years and their descendants became great kings. Later Perseus was killed by dionysus, Perseus and Andromeda were put up in the sky as constellations.Perseus was a real hero that followed the archetype.




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