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 By: Ashlin Sylva
    On October 5, 2012 I was born.  My parents saved a newspaper article that was written about my birth.  It had a picture of me with a caption below it that said, "The richest baby in town."  In this little town we live in we’re considered "rich" or "loaded" so everyone is very nice to us.  We own 826 acres and have a three story mansion on that property with a pool, basketball court, riding trail for dirt bikes and quads, and our own gym.  I liked it at first but it really starts to become annoying when people are your friends just because you have a lot of money.
    It was fun living in this town in California when I was a kid because wherever I went I knew people.  There was a lot to do in a place so small.  I could go to the beach if I wanted to walk about two miles in the striking hot sun.  it was worth it when I  got there. I could go to the movies or even play miniature golf which is always a blast.  There was a little ice cream place on the corner of Sunset St. and Waterfall Rd. which I especially loved since the people who owned it were related to me so I could get stuff for free.  There was also an arcade place and a hang out place where I could always find some of my friends because there was a swimming pool, pool table, darts, and a spa.
    Then a day came that I’ll never forget.  My parents left me home alone because it was their 20th year anniversary and they took a jet to an island in the Caribbean for two nights.  I decided that I should take a trip of my own.  I called some friends and we rented a van and drove to Las Vegas.  I was 19 at the time so I wasn’t old enough to drink or gamble. But when I was there I broke all the rules I felt like breaking.  I got a fake ID that made me old enough to drink and gamble.  Everything was going great until the security people came up to our room because we were too loud.  We got kicked out of the hotel we were staying in so we tried to get a room in a different hotel.  There they discovered that we had fake IDs.  The police came and took us to jail.  Our return home ended up being delayed so my parents had already been back from their little getaway.  I had to call them to get bail us out because none of the other parents would come to get us.
 When my parents came they looked both mad and sad.  They bailed my friends and me out.  My friends were happy because we took the jet home, but I was disappointed in myself.  I couldn’t believe what I did.  I guess I was caught up in the moment.  We took my friends home and reached our own home.  I made a decision.   I told my parents that I wanted to move in with my aunt and uncle with whom I was very close because they were around alot when I was little.  They were like my second mom and dad.  The problem was that they lived in New York.  My parents agreed to my idea.  They said I could try it out for awhile.  My aunt and uncle agreed to let me stay with them.  I always got to stay in the spare room because every summer I stayed there for two weeks and I got the same room.
I liked it there because they treated me like an adult and I had to take responsibility for things.  I really learned how to be independent.   I went to college and had a part time job.  In my spare time I volunteered for fund-raisers and other community things.  I was lucky because I was extremely smart and some considered me a genius.
    One day was different.  I was at an elementary school helping as an assistant, basically doing whatever the principal needed help doing around the school.  At that time I was in a classroom helping the children with an art project when the phone rang.  The teacher answered the phone.  She listened at first then suddenly dropped the phone and cired out.  I dashed over to her and asked her what was wrong.  As soon as she calmed down she said that a strange voice told her there was a bomb somewhere in the school and that it was going off in a half an hour.
    The teacher had fear in her eyes but I told her that everything was going to be okay.  I told her to immediately take her class outside and to make sure she had all the children.  I ran to the principal’s office and told him what was going on.  The principal ran to half the classes and I ran to the other half telling the teachers what the problem was and to take their classes outside immediately.  The school was evacuated in about twelve minutes.  We had no idea where the bomb was so four of us including me went on a search for it.  We agreed that once we found it we would tell the other three.
    It had been about twenty minutes when someone yelled, "I found it!"  We all ran to where the bomb was.  The person who wanted to kill all the innocent children put it  under the stairs in the basement.  The other three people there had no idea how to stop the bomb.  I told them I learned before how to deactivate different bombs at an academy I went to when I was younger.  "I remember seeing this type before," I said to myself.  The timer on the bomb read 3:27.  Time was running out and I started to panic.  I told myself that I had to do this because even though the kids were outside we were inside and the children would still be injured.  There were four wires: a blue, a red, a yellow, and a green.  Blue cool, red hot, yellow danger, green reliable.  Got it!!  I clipped the green wire kind of afraid but also confident.  The timer went blank and everyone cheered.  We went outside and told them everything was going to be okay.  The next day you couldn’t miss a picture of me on the front of every newspaper and on the news.  They never found the person who left the bomb there but they were thankful I was there.
    I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle for another three months and decided to go home.  On the airplane ride I thought a lot not knowing if this was the right thing to do.  I pulled up in the driveway of the three story mansion when I suddenly saw all of my friends I left behind three years ago and my parents.  I was practically crying my eyes out.  I decided to permanently stay at home with my parents.
    I started seeing this guy that I liked before I left to New York.  He was so sweet and kind.  We decided to get married, and we did.  At that time I was 24 years old and I made a commitment to be with this guy for the rest of my life.  We had a beautiful wedding on the beach with all of our family and friends.
    Now, I am 29 years old and I am still married to my wonderful husband.  We’re planning to have children within the next two years.  Right now we own a custom built house on about ten acres.  We have a pool with a waterfall and a little pond with turtles in it.  I never knew that years later I would want to be in the town I grew up in.  Everyone here also knows me as the "hero" who saved many children.  I am proud of what I did and if I was in the situation again I wouldn’t be so nervous.
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