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Short Story Project              Due Monday, April 3rd.

Both parts of the project must be typed (word-processed) and turned in together as a packet.  The purpose is to first expose you to some good short stories and then to apply what you've learned to a story of your own creation.

Assessment will take place on April 3rd and will involve a compare/contrast essay of the three stories you have read.

A.  READ three (3) short stories of your own choosing from the textbook (not ones we read in class) or from one of these links:  (other sources ok as approved by teacher)

Classic Short Stories
Twenty Great American Short Stories
Atlantic Monthly Fiction Archives

For each story, submit:

B.  Write your own Short Story!
Stories will be assessed on the Communication Rubric. Your story must be:
      • 5-7 pages, typed, double spaced, 12-14 point Times or Palatino
      • centered on one main character
      • take place over a <1 week time span
      • free of gratuitous violence, cursing, or sexual content
      • formatted with title and author right-justified in a header, page number right-justified in footer