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Here is a sample "My Search and What I Found Out" essay.  Note how the citations match up with those listed in the Works Cited list.


"My Search and What I Found Out"
by Ashlin Sylva


        During my search on pollution I found most of my information on the Internet. I conducted

a   survey of some of my classmates (Classmate Survey). I found out that most people think that

air pollution is the worst type of pollution, especially that caused by factories and transportation

(Survey). I also asked them if they had been to a really polluted place, and majority of their

answers were Los Angeles, California (Survey). Another question I asked is what people could do

to help prevent pollution. The answers varied from joining environmental groups, getting special

vehicles made that donít pollute the air, walk instead of drive, carpool, and recycle (Survey).

        Did you knowÖ that there is as much water as there was when the dinosaurs were here,

but the water isnít as clean (Water Pollution)? Water can be polluted in many ways. Some things

such as salt, nutrients, toxic chemicals, oil, sediment, heavy metals, pesticides, and radioactivity

(Water Pollution). According to the Greenpeace web page there are approximately 600 oil/gas

installations in the North Sea (Radioactive Waste).

        The Rolling Hills Refuge web page is all about animals and how theyíre being harmed by

pollution. "Pollution from pesticides, burning coal, oil, gas, and much more effect wildlife

populations" (Species). Our national symbol, the bald eagle, became greatly endangered due to

the pesticide DDT (Species). That pesticide is now banned in the United States (Species). It had

caused eagles and many other bird species to lay thin-shelled eggs, which made them be born

premature and not able to survive (Species).

        There are many things we can do to help prevent pollution, starting with vehicles. We can

carpool, walk, ride a bike, and ride a public transit (50 Things). We can also save energy by

turning off lights when leaving the room, use a fan instead of an air conditioner, and install low

flow shower heads (50 Things). Donít waste! We can choose products with recyclable packaging,

reuse paper bags, and recycle paper, plastics, and metals.

    During my search I found out that pollution really is a global problem. Pollution may be

worse in certain areas, but itís all over. I think everyone should do a little something to help out

the earth. It may start looking bad now, but later in the future it may be worse. So we should

stop pollution now!

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