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                                 The Future
                                                                         By Maria Reynoso


 Once upon a time there was a girl that was got pregnant and she lived in New York in a foster home. When it was time for the baby to come to the world, she didnít have a lot of strength, so the doctors had to perform a cesarean because the baby was too big. She was scared, very scared because this was her first child plus she was a teenager and had no parents. She was frightened because she thought that the same thing could happen to her child that had happened to her: her parents left her because they already had nine kids and she was the accident one so they couldnít afford her. They were from another place so they were illegal and her dad didnít get paid a lot so she had to go. They turn her to the Foster Home Department. They said that they had no choice even though they loved her very much. Her parents left crying. She thought of what had happened to her and she told herself that she would never do that to her child.

At that moment all what she felt was pain and contractions from the pregnancy. The doctors said that it was time to perform the cesarean. They took her to the surgery room to get her ready. Once she was ready, the doctors did what they had to do and the baby was born. "It's a boy, a big baby boy," the doctor said.

When one of the nurses gave the baby to the mom she said to the baby, "you have the same reflection of your dad." He had blue and big eyes, "like his father," the teen mother said, "so Iím going to name you Hector." The baby was also chubby and had long legs. She gave the baby a kiss and she faded right after she had her child in her arms. The baby started to cry at that time. Thatís when the doctors heard the blood pressure machine beeping, they knew that her blood pressure had gone down and that she needed a blood transfusion because she had lost a lot of blood. They had to get blood from every where. The doctors had a hard time controlling her blood pressure because she was getting worse.

She was so bad off that the doctors had to turn the baby to a Social Worker to take care of the baby and finding him new home until the mom was better. One thing that the doctors didnít know before giving the baby to the lady was that, when the mother got better she had to go to court and fight for the custody of her own child. Thatís what the mother was afraid of to happen to her baby. The baby was fine while the mom was getting better every day. She had a blood transfusion, was in coma for about two months, did not eat or get up for two months either, and while all this was happening she didnít know a word of her child. The baby was fine where he was at, with that lady.

Days passed and the doctors determine that she was too young to have a baby so all those things occurred to her. She continued to get better until the day she was fine, and she asked for her baby. It was time for her to know the truth about her baby because the doctors didnít know how to tell her.

One of the doctors decided to tell her while her friend from the foster home she was there. The doctor said to her, "I know that this is going to be hard for you but sooner or later we have to tell you," the doctors said. "Tell me what," she said. "One of the Social Workers came and we had to give her your baby, werenít in good conditions and you are not an adult so we had no choice," "we are sorry about this but like I said we had no choice."

The girl started to cry and she just said, "Where is my baby," and "I have to get out of here!" so finally the day came she was able to go home. Right away she got out of the hospital she went to the social workers office and asked about her baby. They said that she had to go to court to get the child back. So she had to get her own childís custody.

She went to court and she wrote a letter to the judge. In that letter she wrote of how she was going to take care of her baby and with whom because she was under age. Plus she told the story of her life and how she lived in a foster house. So the judge decided to give her the childís custody. She was so happy because the baby was a step away from living in a foster house with neither parent.

Six years passed by and she watched how her son grew and how he gave his first steps and learned how to walk. Another couple of years passed, and now he was thirteen years old. They moved to a new neighborhood where every one was in gangs and Hector and his mother were the only ones who were not in a gang. Every day when Hector pass by his friends and the people who were also there they offer him some drugs at that time. Of course he never got some because every one was into them and he didnít want to be like them. So he just ignored them and only talked to them when they were in good conditions.

Hector was a genius because at that age he was in High School but in his Junior class. He was smart as Dr. Doggie Howser but not as smart as he was. He had a lot of friends that were in Junior High while he was in High School some even tried to be as smart as him. So that meant that he had to leave his mother and go to college early.

Hector finished High School at age fourteen and went on to college. Where he had to struggle a lot because he was going to study for two careers. He went to a college where other students were smarted too but super smart. Where he was going to study as a lawyer and the as a doctor. The mother was so happy for him.

While he was in college some challenges he had were that he had to keep up with his work of two classes. Thatís because he was studying for both classes. He was to go to school, go to work, do his homework and some extra time for him. I say that those were big challenges for a teenager.

He keep up all this things by having always a positive attitude because he never gave up and by trying his best all the time. He spent eight to ten years in college until he graduated. His mom was very happy for him and she couldnít believe that he finally graduated college.

Later both went back where they live at in New York because they had moved to where he was studying. He worked in the morning and at nighttime. Both lived happily in their own house because both worked so they were able to buy a new house for both of them.

On thing that Hector didnít know at his age was his mothers background and nothing about his father. She called him over and she told her about her childhood and about his dad. He wasnít surprise and we can say that he didnít care now because that was the past and he was an adult now.

However after she told him everything, both of them saws him coming up the porch. The father appeared on the porch right after he knew everything, so you can say that he didnít get the hard part. The mother didnít want to know anything about him so she just went inside with out saying nothing. She just left crying and left them both alone to talk. The father introduced him self and he just started to talk. (He didnít even say Iím sorryÖ.) First he gave Hector a speech and the reasons why he left his mother. One of the reasons was that he was too young to be a father and that he didnít want any children at that time so he left but he still love her very much. While he was still explaining Hector interrupted and said, "Why did you come back if everything was fine how it was, without you!", and if you really love my mother so much you wouldnít had left alone and pregnant with me!"

Both of them were paused for a moment, and the father just said to him, "I still love your mother very much. I guess I wasnít thinking at the time and I know that you and your mother are upset with me but thatís the way things are. You just have to deal with them." Hector got super mad at his father that he felt like munching him and he did. He just said get out of our house and donít forget to never come back here, we donít care about your life and Iím glad that you left my mother now because you donít deserve a lady like my mother." The father didnít say anything at all and he just left his business card there in the porch and he said, "when ever you need something you can count on me." and left. Hector just got the card and hid it where he could never see it again and went inside with his mother was. He explained to his mother why he had said and acted the way he did in front of his father but she said she understood because he was the kind of man that did something then later he didnít care about it.

Hector said to his mother, "now I know why that man left you, he didnít care about you but now I donít care, I donít want to see him again." " Hector, but his your father!" "I donít care," Hector said to his mother. "All right, I have an idea you and I are going to forget about everything that happened this afternoon O.K," Hectors mom said to him. So Hector agreed too.

The next day Hector went to work to the hospital and when he was very busy a big emergency came up. I was his father that got in an accident. He didnít know that it was him because his face was all covered with blood. Hector left his desk and the patient to attend the emergency without him knowing about his fatherís condition. Hector started to help and care about his father and asked one of the nurses there to clean his face and all the blood. One of the nurses did and thatís when Hector stared at him and with more pressure he took more care about him. He stopped to think of his anger that he had towards his dad and if he wanted he could let him die there or he could help him. He tough about that and but he stated to look at his as a patient not like his father. Even though he didnít want to know anything about his father.

Later they were done with his father and he was O.K. He only hit his head in front of the window of the car and had some stitches and he had to have surgery on one of his arms and one foot. But after all this Hector didnít see him as his father.

When it was time for him to go home he didnít want to tell his mother because he didnít want to worry her but he later decide to tell her. She wasnít home when he was going to tell her but he left note saying, "we have to talk. Itís about that man, Iíll be back in a few minutes."

Hector came back right away and his mother was their now and she asked him, "was wrong now?" Hector got right o the road and said, "Mother, that man got in an accident and I had to help him at the hospital I had no choice because he came in as a patient not as my father so I had no choice. I either help him or left him die there." "Even though I stopped once and though of all the anger I had toward him but I decided to help him and he is now in the hospital," Hector said. His mother was shocked and she said to Hector, "you did the right thing my son, Iím very proud of you," and Hector asked his mother, "Are you going to go to the hospital to see him, mother?" "Yes, think he deserves a visit from the mother of doctor who saved his life," she said to Hector.

Days passed and things were better now. The father was recovering, the mother paid him a visit and Hector was confused and proud of himself for what he had done. Hectors father thanked him and Hector said to him I treated you the way I treat all of my patients but your welcome.

After all this things were even better. Hector and his mother got a better relationship with Hectors father and the father was still recovering from his accident but at least the accident got them a little more closer than how they were. Even though he didnít receive his fatherís apologies from leaving his father they were better now.

Hector continued his life working as a lawyer and as a doctor because his goal was to be recognize by the state and county (where he lived at), as the best doctor in the State of New York. The State of New York did recognize him and now he was set for new goals for his rest of his life. Like some were to get married and have children that was his next goal, which Iíll let you decide on the rest of the end of the story.