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The Play's the Thing!
A Group Adaptation of Macbeth
for a '90s Audience
Requirements for Final Video Project
Due Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 1998
You may choose either of the following projects:

Setting Adaptation
Genre Adaptation
  • one complete scene performed from the original script 
  • one complete ACT adapted from the original script 
  • your group uses costume, stage, and music to enhance the original script 
  • your group chooses a new genre for the events in the original act 
  • dialog MUST keep to the original script 
  • all major characters and events must be present; minor characters may be combined 
  • one copy of script with your STAGE DIRECTIONS must be turned in 
  • one copy of your new script must be turned in 

The script you create will be performed and videotaped for evaluation by the class.
Videos must meet the following requirements:

Name Phone Number

Description of your group's project:



Dates your group will meet to videotape: