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Jason was in danger before he was even born because his uncle Pelias wanted to be king. Pelias put Jasonís father in prison and wanted to kill Jason at birth. Pelias plan to kill Jason was to kill him as soon as he was born. But Jasonís mother deceived Pelias by mourning as if Jason had died Jason was bundled off to the wilderness cave of Chiron the centaur. Chiron tutored Jason on  hunting and civilized arts. Jasonís call to adventure was to go back and claim his rightful throne. One of his first quest he had to do was  too get the golden fleece of a ram from the keeping of dragon which never slept. Jason put together a group of heroic young men to sail with him on the ship Argo. When they arrived at the island were the golden fleece was the holder of the fleece was king Aeetes.  He gave Jason another test to yoke two fire breathing bulls with bronze feet, and sow the teeth of the dragon.  After Jason seceded on getting the fleece with Medeas help they heated back to Greece. When they got to Greece Jason found out that his dad had killed himself and his mother die of grief. Jason never got to meet his father. Pelias wanted to be king, but Medea tricked Pelias daughters into killing his father. Jason fell in love with Medea, with a little help from, Hera who made them fall in love with each other. They moved to Corinth, were two sons were born to them. Instead of feeling grateful for all that Medea did for Jason, he treacherously married the daughter of the king of Corinth. Full of grief Medea kill Jasonís bride  and scared that her son might be left alone for some one else to take care of she kill them too. Jason was mad an was determined to kill her, but she escaped in a chariot drawn by two dragons.

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