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Student Work
 Creative Writing
Biography Web pages
Mythology Web Pages

Creative Writing
George Has Another Bad Day  by Tom Corral

Biography Web pages
Abraham Lincoln:  The Great Sixteenth President
Beethoven:  The Master Symphonist
Isaac Newton:  A Man With Wisdom
The Wright Brothers:  They Changed the World
Carl Jung: The Leader of Dreams
Leonardo Da Vinci
Carlos Santana
Wilma Rudolph
Barry Sanders
Marvin Gaye
Michael Jordan
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mythology Web Pages
Tracing a Myth
               1.  Many Myths About the Moon  
2.  The Life of Rainbows
3.  The Unicorn Theory
4.  Dragon Tales
5.  Mythological Birds
6.  Mythological Sprites
7.  Star Myths
8.  The Many Myths of Cats
9.  Sun Myths and Goddesses
10.  Rain Myths
11.  The Mysteries of our Moon
12.  Hawiian Myths
13.  Fairies
14.  Rabbit Myths
15.  Astronomy Myths
16.  Flower Mythology
17.  Dwarves
18.  Butterfly Myths and Legends
19.  It's All About Snow!
 World Heroes  
  Gilgamesh    Quetzalocoatl 
Hercules         Fa-Mulan 
Moses               Jason 
Thor                 Zeus 
Perseus               Buddha 
Buddha (2)
King Arthur 

Comic Book Heroes 
Green Lantern